Hatred Can Be Live-Streamed On Hitbox

Hitbox "You are free to stream it, just make sure to set your channel age limit to 18+ This applies for all age-restricted games."

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Nonscpo999d ago

Way to go Hitbox, I'm not interested in this particular game and am not a streamer, but just for standing up against censorship, I'm definitely gonna have to open an account with you good folks :)

jay2999d ago

good, looking forwards to hatred

00999d ago

After watching the 30 minute gameplay vid on YouTube I don't know why these people are trying so hard to censor it. the game is tamer than I though and all this does is make it look too extreme. still day one buy for me.

TripC50999d ago

Streamer: "Wanna watch me stream hatred?"
Obi-Wan:"You don't want to stream hatred."
Streamer." I don't want to stream hatred."
Obi-Wan."You want to go home and rethink your life."
Streamer."I want to go home and rethink my life."

SilentNegotiator999d ago

I don't see what the point of your comment really is, but it made me laugh.

antias999d ago

Hatred looks fun, sucks for console peasants not getting to play it.

CorndogBurglar999d ago

"Console peasants"?


antias999d ago

I like consoles, no reason to get offended unless you are a mangina that can't take a joke

CorndogBurglar999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Nope. Just sounds like you are someone who goes out of their way to constantly sound as offensive as possible.

I never said anything about being offended by what you said. I commented at how childish you sound. Your 2nd comment just confirmed it. Have a good one, little boy.

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