Don't blink for this Witcher 3 Dr. Who Easter Egg


"Turn back now if you don't want (very) mild The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt spoilers or are still mentally scarred from a certain statuesque episode of Dr. Who. If you're still here, then you're ready to witness the mild-confusion-giving-way-to-s heer-terror that is The Witcher 3's Weeping Angels Easter Egg."

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justinprince1293d ago

that made me cringe... damn you Doctor Who for making angel statues terrifying

PSN_ZeroOnyx1293d ago

Very awesome. I checked it out on PS4 and they only move the one time. Afterward they merely rotate in place (when you and the camera are not looking). However, they do not toy with you for long before they simply disappear. Has anyone seen a couple weeping angels? I seem to have misplaced them.

Don't blink

BlackTar1871293d ago

This is so awesome.

Huge Whovian

Valenka1293d ago

Just completed that quest and after freaking out about the statues moving, I jumped for joy at the Doctor Who reference.

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The story is too old to be commented.