Wait, is Mad Max a Generic Action Game?

The game seems to be shaping up as nothing more than something we have already seen tenfold over; the original promise of a brand new apocalyptic car molestation experience is whipping up into just another run-of-the-mill actioner.

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ValKilmer1295d ago

I'm beginning to worry about this as well. The story trailer seemed to capture the general feeling of the universe quite well, but I worry that cutscenes and dialogue will be few and far between and this will just be Just Cause in the desert.

KiwiViper851295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Sounds like the exact same criticisms Shadow of Mordor received last year... Does "Assassins creed in middle earth" sound familiar?

Personally I've never played a game that includes 3rd person melee combat, 3rd person shooting, and vehicle combat, with extensively customisable vehicles. So I'm excited.

This game does look like it was made for the Nemesis system tho, a missed opportunity there.

Palitera1295d ago

^ more upvotes needed

Seriously, devs should hear your last point.

Reibooi1295d ago

I see what you are saying and this will only be made worse for people who have seen Mad Max Fury Road. I mean after that incredible movie pretty much anything will pale in comparison. It also would not shock me if all they want the game to be is Just Cause in the desert they may think that is all they need to do.

I'm kinda on the fence and I am hoping it will pull a Shadow of Mordor and come out of nowhere and surprise everyone but I think it's better to keep expectations low.

Rimeskeem1295d ago

I would honestly be ok with just cause in a desert. We know the it has huge vehicle customization and car chases and battles. I'm excited

dancerOfDeath1295d ago

I have been getting that vibe from the start. Looks good in small doses, cant imagine it'll hold up.

Mad Max will be a generic action game. Just Cause 3 will be THE generic action game. That's where my money is.

crazychris41241295d ago

How is Just Cause 3 generic with physics based destruction??

MysticStrummer1295d ago

Wait, it's time to start casting doubt on another game that won't be released for quite awhile?

Most games are very derivative and generic in one way or another. If you expect that you'll enjoy more of them than if you expect ground breaking experiences all the time.

Freddy_Millz11295d ago

I dont understand what some so called "gamers" want now days. 1st, they attack a game for having too much emphasis on cut scenes and story, then they attack a game for getting straight to the action and not having enough cut scenes and not looking like it has a story....from TWO trailers, this assumption has been reached.

Yet CoD flies off of the shelf, day one and majority of the buyers never even look in the campaign's general direction?
Which has basically been "Shoot the guys as they pop out of cover" simulator for the last 5 iterations.

.....I quit gaming for a while, i give up. ALL HOPE IS LOST.

averagejoe261295d ago

You quit gaming because of people complaining on the internet?

That's...just ridiculous.

KiwiViper851295d ago

Just quit the internet....

u4one1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

at this point in time, you'd think the internet was designed as as a complaint/opinion delivery system built for cynical people who have nothing to do than hate any idea that anybody has about anything while contributing nothing substantial. i wouldn't worry too much about what people on the internet say or how many copies of COD fly off the shelf. if theres a game out there that looks great to you - thats all that matters. your console, your time, your money. there are plenty of non COD games that are good quality. :)


Preach my brother....100% correct!

Summons751295d ago

Probably, the reveal wasn't that spectacular and the new movie was boring. I'm not expecting it to be that great. But who knows, I could be pleasantly surprised.

KiwiViper851295d ago

Are you sure you were in the right cinema?

MrChow6661295d ago

I agree with him, that movie was brain dead, it was cool for 20 minutes then it was just dumb and boring, and I am a big fan of the classics wich are far better

Summons751295d ago

Yupp, nowhere near as good as the originals.

DerekFlint0071295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

I agree with you summons, during the entire film i just didn't give a stuff or care about any of the characters and even though there was mayhem happening onscreen i was numbed into boredom. I absolutely love a good action film as much as the next man but this film to me was overrated garbage. Every critic says George Miller is a directorial genius, well he has surpassed himself this time by making the wonderful Tom Hardy see Bronson/Lawless act like a plank of wood.

Even the much celebrated stuntwork is a let down in parts which does a serious disservice to the efforts of the stunt team. Due to an over abundance of post production, wire work, matte work, colour saturation, jump cuts, speeding up the action and some horrendous cgi overlay effects it falls into the trap of actually making all the stunt work look like a mix of fakery and cgi.

The whole film to me was an empty hollow experience because there is absolutely zero character development. Obviously i know this is a Mad Max movie we are talking about here and i'm not expecting The Godfather but as the audience are given no one to care about i just switched off and lost interest. I would liken the experience to watching a big horse race, except the problem is that you have not put a bet on any of the horses therefore your interest in the race has drastically fallen of the radar as you have nobody to root for and get behind.

In a years time the critics will cringe when they look back aghast at all the lavish praise this film has received as it will almost certainly be mercilessly torn apart, lampooned and parodied by comedians for years to come.

Best action film ever made the critics are saying. It's not even the best film this year. Kingsman The Secret Service is superior in my opinion.

The Raid movies starring Iko Uwais are great stunt driven action films.

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