UGO Live from E3: Little Big Planet Impressions

UGO writes: "It's a great big user-created world out there, and it's name is Little Big Planet. Sure, the game will come loaded with developer Media Molecule creations, but the real beauty will flow from the community as they create, tweak and tag their levels. To back up a bit, Little Big Planet is a PS3 exclusive platformer that challenges 1-4 players to navigate a course, collecting points along the way.

Our tour of Little Big Planet begins with a look at some of those designer levels, one acting as an epic adventure past crashing icicles and crumbling ledges, and one that ultimately ended in failure. Another had us engaging in some mini-game mayhem as we had to keep falling through holes as platforms were rising into a poisonous gas. We're reminded that every level we play could be re-created using the community tools. On completing a level, our points are tallied and awards given. Better, we're able to add our tag on the level (is it "bouncy?" Then say so!) and a comment that will be shared with others that play it. The tags will allow users to sort, say, the top 10 bouncy levels."

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Mario had this AMAZING STORY.its called saving the princess :/

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Nothing but good news, October can't come soon enough!... and neither can November for all the other good games ^^