Nintendo Open to the Idea About Letting Xbox Use the Wiimote

Slashgamer is not one to talk about dumb Wii 360 merger rumors, but they do find that conversation very fascinating. It's amazing to see Nintendo being open to have a conversation with Microsoft, and possibly licensing their Wiimote to them. SLashgamer is not saying this is at all going to happen, it's just incredible to see Reggie say, their open to the idea.

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DarkSniper3797d ago

Nintendo is open to Microsoft allowing usage of their Wiimote idea, but yet they all but closed the door on Goldeneye 007 reaching a cross platform release on Virtual Console and XBLA. Nintendo should be labled hypocrites and destroyers of the hardcore gaming universe.

It looks as if Sony is the last hope for gaming and with their 10 year product lifecycle on all of their platforms, they WILL succeed.


ash_divine3797d ago

think about it. how do you beat the Wii, simple: take away it's biggest selling point.

and Ninty: I thought it was about beating the competition not helping them take you down.

the only thing to worry about now is that if this becomes true then I'm slowly starting to see the 360 turn into a Wii. One of microsoft's biggest weaknesses is that they never give their products their own identity. seems like they are allows trying to turn it into the competition.

killax35633797d ago

What's the point if no Xbox 360 games support it?

And I don't think it would be a very easy thing to patch into games.

mfwahwah3796d ago

The Darwin controller already works well with 3 games. No telling what could happen if MS actually backed up the controller.

ChickeyCantor3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

On stage he is just scary, but in these interviews he is way more convincing.

I like how openminded HE is( not sure if Nintendo as a whole thinks the same)

But i doubt Nintendo will do it xD

penguinhunter3797d ago

interesting Reggie, Interesting....

DG3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Why would MS go through nintendo when another company holds the rights to the remote. MS would have to pay double the licensing fees to do that and basically just paying for the nintendo name. Does not make sense. But then again that would be some good marketing. Get the Wii on the 360 for half the price.

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The story is too old to be commented.