European / Others hardware sales for week ending 19th July, 2008

VGChartz estimates the following data:

Console Weekly Total
DS 251,914 29,304,911
Wii 165,013 10,136,132
PS3 88,449 6,695,322
PSP 71,876 13,360,589
360 58,446 7,262,452
PS2 57,271 48,955,189
Total 692,969

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TheHater3802d ago

LOL at VGchartz. isn't this website banned from several forums including IGN, Gametrailers, and Neogaf?

ThanatosDMC3802d ago

Wow, at first when i read the top... i thought i saw trillions and billions!!!


europe really doesnt like the 360.

Jandre023802d ago

Even with the 360's price being less than the Wii's. WW, according to VGChartz, the PS3 has outsold the 360 by 1.6million consoles this year and will have outsold the 360 by 2 million by September.

With a difference of only 5 million consoles at the end of summer, its very possible to see the PS3 pass the 360 in WW install base early next year. Its even more possible considering the line up the PS3 has at that time including exclusives InFamous, Killzone 2, and M.A.G. This could be accelerated further with a price cut from Sony on their PS3 later this year in Europe(where the 360 has already cut the price by 70 euros)

Snukadaman3802d ago

selling 200K over xbox from NPD numbers is smashing the xbox.....selling over 30K is but a pinch..but nice spin droids buying games or what?

Roller3802d ago

@ 1.1
You're comparing a month to a week. Now who has more spin?

Wildarmsjecht3802d ago

Lol, gotta admit Snuka, he has a point.

Bill Gates3802d ago

You just got OWNED by Roller.....AHAHAAHHAHHAHA

pwnsause3802d ago

poor xbot, why so blind?

ICUP3802d ago

You can make a mountain out of a mole.

Jandre023802d ago

The 360 only outsold the PS3 from August to November last year(price drop and Halo). What makes people think that selling less than 20,000,000 in 3 years is impressive is beyond me. In fact, it has only outsold the original Xbox by 4,000,000 units WW! Lol seriously. The Xbox360 is a failure. THe PS3 is going to pass it, and we all knew it was coming.

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pwnsause3802d ago

so according to VGchartz, the lead is closing between the 360 and PS3, the gap was at 5.52, now its at 5.37, [email protected] VGchartz, the gap is supposed to be at under 5 million already

eagle213802d ago


although ps2 probably outsold 360 this week but vgchartz couldn't bear posting that.... LMAO

zapass3802d ago

you beat me, I was gonna post:

"achievement unlocked: 360 barely outsells PS2"

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3802d ago

It's xBox 360 Vs PS..........2!!! ;-D

The xBox 360 is Cheaper than the Wii in the U.K and it Still can't beat it!!! ;-D

PS3 88,449 ;-P

360 58,446 ;-D

Micro$luts need to Buy the Air we Breathe QUICK!!! ;-D

DaTruth3802d ago

overtracks 360, so ps2>360!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3802d ago

Why all the 'Disagrees' for???
It's not my Fault...Oh er erm Yes it is!!! ;-D

Ken Kutaragi Killer of Other companies Consoles!!! ;-D

Stick to 'Windows' Micro$lags!!! ;-D

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