PS3 Fanboy eyes-on: Sonic Unleashed

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"Sonic has had a hard time since he discovered the third dimensions. Not only is he now chubbier, but his adventures in 3D-land have been met with lukewarm reception. The general consensus is that the last great Sonic game was on the Mega Drive. With Sonic Unleashed Sega are hoping to reinvigorate the franchise with a focus on speed and platforming, as well as evolving the character (literally) into something unique."

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uckitsayitchbay3802d ago

first and probably only post... I kinda liked sonic adventure on the dreamcast and everything before that except that kind of 3d thing on the genises but sonic 1,2,3,sonic cd,sonic adventure,even sonic spinball wasn't bad but after sonic adventure it has gone downhill like some say something else does hmmmm..

MAiKU3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )


You are my hero!

they say this game'll be half good..... *sigh*


I thing that as a rule - all the best games with Sonic were 2d - pinnacle being Sonic3

andron3801d ago

It just seems like an on rail experience with little game play...