GamePro Preview: Alpha Protocol

No level grinding in this RPG--SEGA assassinates worn out mechanics in this thrilling and highly innovative espionage adventure.

As CIA field agent Michael Thorton, Alpha Protocol draws you into the world of modern day espionage served up role-playing style. After a mission turns sour and Michael finds himself betrayed by his superiors, it's up to you to uncover the conspiracy to clear his name. Uncovering the truth will be difficult with the U.S. government on his back at every step, forcing Michael to quickly hone in on his training. Unlike most super spies, Michael doesn't possess years of experience; instead, he manages to stay alive thanks to quick thinking and confidence in his own physical abilities. Of course, he gets some help along the way from skillful manipulation by your hand in the game's real-time combat system and clever dialogue mechanic.

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