Are You Sad That Techland has Shelved Hellraid? You Can Still Play Hellraid: The Escape

Grab It Magazine reports on the indefinite cancellation of Hellraid from developer Techland but praises the mobile spin-off title Hellraid: The Escape, which can be picked up on iOS and Android.

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shipnabottle1295d ago

Bummer, it looked like a promising title. Maybe it'll still see the light of day in the future.

Macka10801294d ago

Dang. I was quite looking forward to this. As a big fan of Dead Island and very impressed with the evolution of the FPP they exhibited in Dying Light, I had been keenly interested in how the addition of magic might alter the formula. Hopefully they're able to salvage some of the work they put into it, presuming it doesn't eventually get revived.