GameSpy: Far Cry 2 Preview

It's a violent world, and the services of those with special training in the art of war are a valuable commodity. There are specialists in this field, mercenaries-for-hire, and they are the star actors in Ubisoft's upcoming shooter sequel, Far Cry 2. As one of twelve different mercenaries, it's up to the player to delve into the darkest corners of Africa and proceed to kill people, blow stuff up, and effect change through the judicious use of lead-filled force.

GameSpy had the chance to play Far Cry 2 on a PC and on the Xbox 360. The PC version of the game had much more impressive visuals, running smoothly at an incredibly high resolution, somewhere in the 1600x1200 range. While the art assets appeared to be generally the same in both versions, the 720p-resolution console version just doesn't measure up. Still, when compared to other console shooters, Far Cry 2 more than holds its own thanks to a very powerful game engine and some interesting graphical tricks that frequently come into play.


- Day-night cycle affects gameplay
- Loads of different weapons
- Interesting characters to meet and kill for.


- Africa looks sort of samey wherever you go
- Environments aren't as destructible as the vegetation.

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