Sony will "lead the way" on PSP GPS games

Speaking to MTV at E3 last week, Sony marketing bod John Kohler confirmed that the company is to make games designed to take advantage of PSP's GPS attachment.

"Yeah, we'll probably lead the way on that," he said when asked is Sony would release a game for the add-on early next year.

Kohler wouldn't be drawn on specifics, though.

"There's been a number of things that our first-party worldwide studios have looked at, and they've been trying to look at different options," he said.

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pwnsause3796d ago

alot of people are going to die if this is used ROFL!!! imagine if the game tells you to cross the street and tells you there is gold in the middle of the road, not only will you go to the middle of the road, you'll say, "I BEAT THE GAME!!!!" and then get run over by a car ROFL!!!!

PoSTedUP3796d ago

sony is doing ALOT more work than the other HW company's.<----thats a fact.

RAM MAGNUMS3796d ago

psp is my lil Morpheus from the matrix;
stay low neo... Now move, turn left!
Dont let the agent spot you... Wait a minute...
Is that a zune?

Ha ha ha hah hah HAH!

Keep going neo.

C_SoL3796d ago

stop making add-ons & make a damn new PSP.

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