Voodoo Extreme: Wanted Preview

VE3D: ""Ugh" was the first syllable that escaped my throat when I heard that my 'mystery' E3 appointment turned out to be for a movie tie-in game. If given the choice between getting kicked in the crotchal region and having to see another crappy movie-themed videogame, there's a good chance I would go with the first option. How many good movie tie-in games are there? Star Wars? Ok – we have a couple decent ones there. Star Trek? Not so much. Bourne? Those are okay. Anything super hero or comic related? Give me a break. Other than "The Chronicles of Riddick" it's really hard to come up with anything good that started with the silver screen. Much like Riddick, Wanted isn't directly based on the movie's storyline which is always a good thing..."

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