Sony says PS3 will be around for 2015 and 'beyond', talks this year's PS4 games

The PS4 has had unprecedented success since it was released in 2013, but its predecessor, the PS3, seems to be drifting off into the distance. This Fall represents a massive opportunities for developers and publishers to capitalize on a rising new-gen audience and Sony is quite aware of that.

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itsjustexuma1183d ago

Yet it wont get the support for that long

martinezjesus19931183d ago

It got supported 4 to 5 years longer than its competition, i think its safe to say anyone that bought the ps3 isnt dissapointed on how long it got supported

freshslicepizza1183d ago

sony is still supporting it with games like mlb the show. i think they should stopped support and move on to focus on just the ps4 but that's just my opinion.

FarEastOrient1183d ago

PS2 got its last game 2 years ago. PS3 will be around for a long time, especially for markets that can't afford the full price of the PS4.

Agent_00_Revan1183d ago

PS1 & 2 got solid support Way into the next generations. No reason to believe the PS3 won't get the same.

Magicite1183d ago

Developers will support PS3 for many years to come (unlike its direct rivals), especially Japanese, the question is - how long Sony will keep producing it.

GribbleGrunger1183d ago

It probably won't get that much support from developers who are now fully committed to next gen, but it will be a decent alternative for the poorer amongst us. Indie games will continue to be made available for the PS3, as will the occasional AAA cross platform title. Then you have PSVue, PSNow, PS+ and PSMusic, along with many other aps such as Netflix. If the price is right, it will continue to sell.

blackblades1183d ago

Using my ps3 all the time and my vita if I had a ps4 right now I'll still be using my ps3 more.

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Lore1183d ago

Seing as how Tretton said there'd be a 10 year plan for the console, this should come as no surprise

Tapani1183d ago

What kind of a relationship did you have with him?

Lore1183d ago

Everytime I think of him I also think of "AGENT" plastered on the big screen

...Hopefully one day

ThichQuangDuck1183d ago


Generally have been an Xbox person. I love gears and Xbox Live,but just went with PS4 for friends and variety of games(STREET FIGHTER V). Tretton always presented well for Sony. Their last E3 ehhhhhh and have liked Phil Spencer.

Dlacy13g1183d ago

Considering its already 2015 I would hope so. :)

miyamoto1183d ago

I play my PS3 the whole week and did not even fire up my PS4 even once.

Hoffmann1183d ago

Same here. Due to one of the last flash sales where I bought that E.D.F game. Its a great time now to get Playstation 3 games for cheap and while Witcher 3 looks awesome I rather wait for the inevitable "complete" edition in 2016.

saukelover121183d ago

you must not have MKX LOL

Retroman1183d ago

Still debating buying ps4 in mean time ps3 on fire.

Debaitable1183d ago

Seeing how everyone gets excited with all the remasters for PS4 I'm not surprised and sorely disappointed. That generation lasted longer than it should, I'm baffled to why people want to extend that longer into the PS4. Let's keep it moving.

WickedLester1183d ago

Agreed. I was BEYOND ready to move onto the next generation when the PS4 finally came out.

gangsta_red1183d ago

It is really strange right? The last few years of last gen people couldn't wait to move on and see the next new consoles and the new games it brings along. And here we are and some of us are celebrating last gen games on our new system.

1183d ago
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