Fat Princess lazing around on PSN later this year


"Gamers clamoring for less fantastic female proportions can now look to the upcoming PSN title Fat Princess for inspiration. Okay, perhaps that's a bit far-fetched. However, this quirky little number looks to be a veritable multiplayer contender for PlayStation 3 owners.

Developed by Titan Studios, Fat Princess is a uniquely-styled multiplayer PSN title that combines elements of the popular Team Fortress with the micromanagement stylings of RTSs and top-down shooters. Neatly rolled into one little package, Fat Princess is a rousing game of Capture the Flag. Two teams will work to protect their "flags", which in this case are actually princesses. Yes, the title has everything to do with the gameplay, unlike certain songs with ambiguous titles. Capturing the princesses won't be so easy, however. They're overweight gluttons that can be fed slice after slice of cake to be made even bigger, therefore heavier to pick up and more difficult to transport."

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pizzas3797d ago

Fat Princess
Crash Commando
WipEout HD
Siren: Blood Curse
Pixeljunk Eden

I NEED these PSN games ASAP!

ThatCanadianGuy3797d ago

It's really coming this thursday? the full game? o.O

Polluted3797d ago

Hopefully they get those PSN cards out before this game drops so we can all enjoy it.

avacadosnorkel3797d ago

Once again prove that the real online multiplayer Champion this generation is the PS3.


AllseeingEye3797d ago

This game, pixel junk eden and patapon 2. Awsome line up.

Siesser3797d ago

I'm far too lazy to go find the exact video right now, but when I first saw the clip of this game during their press conference, the visuals and more importantly the sound effects just SCREAMED Snowcraft to me. I wonder if they're using that game's devs or something. Any one remember it?