First Screens: Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop has the first official screens of the Wii-exclusive game, which is using the Resident Evil 4 engine.

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Boldy3802d ago

You don't really get that sense of "Chop till you drop" when there's only 5-20 zombies on the screen at once. It's missing a couple hundred.

I wonder what the parking tunnels will look like. In the Xbox 360 version, the zombies went as far as you could see, so I'm wondering how the Wii will downgrade that.

ChickeyCantor3802d ago

Nothing is downgraded since its not a Port.

Smacktard3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

That's what all developers say. "It's not a port! It has special new features! Like a new view! And downgraded graphics! Also, it's being built ground-up for the Wii, with the exact same storyline, gameplay, objectives, bosses, and enemies! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Buy it!"

ChickeyCantor3801d ago

it may be the same "content-wise"
But this game was not ported from the 360 version thats all im saying.

GiantEnemyCrab3802d ago

"Wii-exclusive game"

GMAFB. This is a half-assed dumbed down port of the orginal classic that is "exclusive" to the 360. They've had to dumb it down so much that it is a joke. Yeah "Chop till you drop" will all 5 zombies on the screen.



ChickeyCantor3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

It is not a Port, its been build up from the ground for the Wii.
Its said its going to havea RE:4 style of gameplay...

Smacktard3802d ago

Wow... I thought that this game was supposed to have Zombies in it, not Zombie.

Oh god, I slay myself sometimes.

kenshin22up3802d ago

The poster of the news must be the biggest wii fanboy saying this is a "Wii-exclusive" lol

Bnet3433802d ago

Dead Rising for Wii = major downgrade

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