This ain't your daddy's Track and Field

Globe & Mail calls Beijing 2008 "the best athletics game yet made, featuring loads of events, smart controls, surprising strategy, and a lengthy Olympics mode."

From the story: "Track and field games aren't exactly known for their longevity, but the folks behind Beijing 2008 have done a good job of creating a game that people may actually continue playing after this summer's Olympics have come and gone.

Over the last week, I've spent about an hour each day working through the game's lengthy Olympic Games mode, which spans 17 days of qualifiers, medal events, and festivities. It leads players through the Games, day by day, forcing us to qualify for each event, and then provides rewards in the form of points that can be spent on team attributes, such as power, speed, and stamina. I'm less than half way through the game, still enjoying myself, and looking forward to starting over again once the Olympics competition I'm currently engaged in comes to a close...."

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