Valve Finalizes Left 4 Dead Box Art

Valve has finalized the box art for the Xbox 360 and Windows versions of their upcoming zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead.

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cp683797d ago

worst artbox of the year.

dxmnecro3797d ago

No way. That looks awesome.

Boldy3797d ago

I think it looks pretty gruesome (awesome). It might make the mom actually check the back to see what the rating is.

3797d ago
JustinSaneV23797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )


Jump the gun much?

deeznuts3797d ago

They need to twist the two in the middle .. then get westside connect to do some music for it

Hububla3797d ago

i didnt know ppl still bought games from the store... especially since valve owns steam... and you probably wont be able to play it without steam... why not just download it off steam...

AAACE53797d ago

You notice how the main colors are Black and green? The 4 fingers are pointed out... You think MS wanted this game on the 360 so that the title can explain their actions reguarding Xbox 1?

kwicksandz3796d ago

Boxart who cares steam ftw

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hokiebonoz3797d ago

lolz...more like boxart for SAW

mesh13797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

i think people are angry cause it was just valve rubbing it in a bit the showed only 1 console version the 360 so people are crying a bit and it final confirmation its a 1 console exclusive .

Le-mo3797d ago

I'm speechless...(In a bad way)

GiantEnemyCrab3797d ago

I will be too busy mowing down rows of zombies to look at the box art.

user8586213797d ago

in other words u agree dat it sucks lol

consolewar3797d ago

this is

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The story is too old to be commented.