Situation normal, Gran Turismo 5 delayed until 2010

Arstechnica reports: I'll admit it. I'm starting to want a PS3. The thought of a Blu-ray player is an enticing one, and while I love Forza II to death, there hasn't been any more DLC for it recently, and the game is starting to feel a little small, like a house that has been outgrown.

The problem is, I'm not particularly excited by games other than racers, due to what can only be described as a total lack of ability. I don't want to buy a $400 dust magnet, so I continue to wait for Polyphony Digital to release Gran Turismo 5, the game that will make my investment worthwhile.

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toughNAME3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

What the hell is a Gran Turismo?

LiquifiedArt3795d ago

GT5p Only needs 2 things to get me playing it night and day until GT5. Private Rooms!!! (THIS IS A MUST!) I dont want to race with idiots. And the long awaited damage. Release those this christmas and you can take as long as you want to on GT5.

shine13963795d ago

GT5 has been the biggest 1st party seller in the last two generations, they are going to wait till a little more consoles get sold...I think it's going to sell ten million plus...

mesh13795d ago

sony strikes again tbh ill take all their e3 unveiling and future games unveiling with a grain of salt cause you just dont know when these games are going to come out 5yrs down the line 3 years or never (getaway,lanoire, 5 days or what ever its called)

Monchichi0253795d ago

This is just another case of Sony announcing a product WAY before they should...

1. Home
2. Killzone
3. GT5

They should focus on what's on hand instead of making us wait so damn long. I mean there's good games coming out now....focus on them instead!!

okcomputer3795d ago

Couldn't agree with that more monchichi. The most annoying part is that the best game for the ps3 (other than the recent mgs4) is uncharted, and that game has been out for months, and it got none of the hype and attention that unreleased, far into the future games like lbp, killzone and gt have gotten since the launch.

CrashSharc3795d ago

^^^^^ ummmm.... you guys are retards. when did sony EVER announce GT5? The only game THey've ever talked about (unless asked directly about GT5 as in this case) is GT5: Prologue... which if I'm not mistaken is already released...

sooo.... yeah....

gambare3795d ago

considering the free updates and patches of GT5: Prologue you are getting every new patch a more complete GT5 for free

life_sucks2443795d ago

how is GT5 delayed to 2010 when they never announced a date in the first place.... they didn't delay it, their deciding on what year there going to release it on and they did

beavis4play3795d ago

exactly my thought. the devs have given no release date and have said that they want to support GT5p right now. so why is the title of this article saying what it says? title is totally untrue.

psnSkareFace3795d ago

the best racing game ever

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solidsnakus3795d ago

thanks alot sony. Great Job!

metalhead3795d ago

Sony is only publishing the game not developing it. Blame Polyphony. Oh btw Polyphony GT5 game better be the best dam racer on the planet or I will forever hate you

Fishy Fingers3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

True, your hate is certainly misdirected. But if we do have to wait so long I'll expect to see quite a step up from Prologue.

Fishy Fingers3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Ah well, 2009 was never confirmed if I remember right. Hopefully they'll drop some extra track/cars on us, along with the extra online options and damage we know are due to arrive on Prologue.

nurburgring would be a nice start :)

boodybandit3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

This article was approved in seconds. I wonder why?

This game is obviously a huge challenge with all Polyphony is trying to fit on to one disc.

If this is true that sucks but all good things come to those who wait especially when it comes from Polyphony. I have yet to be let down by a Gran Turismo title and I highly doubt this will be the first.

metalhead3795d ago

its N4g the minute they see disturbing PS3 news they're like POST IT POST IT lol

Kyur4ThePain3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Hate at the latest global (and US) sales figures, which turns into fear.

Silellak3795d ago

Microsoft fanboys think N4G is Sony-biased and Sony fanboys think N4G is Microsoft biased.

Personally, I think most commenters and submitters here are Sony fans (not fanboys, necessarily - just fans) which leads to a somewhat Sony-leaning site, but I guess that's just me.

Either way, it never gets old.

Playstation Man3795d ago

Such generalizations. It's harder than just basing on a single post to tell if someone is a Sony supporter ya know!

HateBoy3795d ago

But if your name is playstation man... You're kinda asking to be labelled sonyfan, notice the abscence of the word fanboy. Just like having badass Ryu as my avatar makes everyone think I'm a NG fan, which I am. And yeah, there is little doubt that n4g has more sonyfans on it than xboxfans, probably because anyone who has the slightest interest in gaming owns a ps2... But who cares really? As long as the newsworthy articles concerning all consoles get approved, its all good!

On topic: Don't play racing games (besides motorstorm...) so this doesn't really concern me, but too bad for those of you waiting for GT5.

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