PS3 Fanboy Eyes-on: Stormrise

Real Time Strategies have never been a good fit for consoles, thanks to their over-reliance on a mouse and keyboard. The Creative Assembly are hoping to change that with Stormrise by creating a fully intuitive, pad-based control system. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to try the controls out for ourselves, but from what we saw it has some potential.

We won't be fully convinced until we get our hands on the game ourselves, however. There was no indication of how easy the controls were to learn or how effective they were in frantic mid-combat. Playing as a single character felt more like a third-person action game than an RTS, but with the added control of troop manipulation. Units vary drastically in size; the 10 minute demo we were given started with groups of infantry troops and ended with a huge battle between giant mechs.

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avacadosnorkel3795d ago

should come with an alternate mouse and keyboard configuration for controls or the developer is a hack.