Xbox Live boss teases future features for Xbox dashboard

In an interview about the new Xbox Dashboard, General Manager of Xbox Live Marc Whitten says it sets a structure for many future improvements to the "social and entertainment experience," and hints at new features like the ability to control your Xbox 360 remotely and ultimately switching Xbox to an online-only service. He also confirms that the new hard drive install feature will work on every Xbox 360 game past or future.

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DarkSniper3773d ago

Welcome to the PLAYSTATION®3. Here you will find all of the original features that Microsoft is currently implementing to their Xbox 360 platform. Sony Computer Entertainment is the leading innovators and pioneers of console gaming and the proof is in Xbox 360.

Whatever Sony does, Microsoft follows. Sony is the pied piper and Microsoft are the annoying rats that follow. Microslaves are too incompetent to realize that PLAYSTATION®3 are the real innovators of the gaming industry and has a better and more original trophy system than the piss poor attempt of Achievements on 360.

Dark Sniper is glad he's affiliated with true market innovators this gen.


GiantEnemyCrab3773d ago

How are those achievements working out? How about IN-game music? How about XMB in games? All those functions were stolen from the true pied piper of software that is Microsoft.

One thing that instantly makes this greater than anything Sony does is that it works with everything past and future games. If this was Sony it would be a pieced together mess of inconsistency like the CRAPSTATION 3®

Tmac3772d ago

GiantEnemyCrab, jealous as usual.

Shaka2K63772d ago

But like always microsuck is always 10 steps behind Sony.

Free online?
Internet Browser?
tilt controler?
10 year life cycle?

microsuck has alot of catching up to be a contender againts the all mighty Sony.

Fart In Your Mouth3772d ago




This site is a train wreck of angry PS3 owners...bring on the disagrees you little homos.

cliffbo3772d ago

@DarkSniper -

that's a good post fella! it's absolutely true. for ages Sony got labelled the 'follower' but the truth was that MS kept jumping in with half assed versions of Sony's future plans. but now those plans have been implemented and are fully fledged, the table has turned and MS are now playing catch up with little add ons here and there... but they all look so inferior.

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fufotrufo3772d ago

why is he jealous if he is telling the truth..whats the only thing they are getiing from ps3 ..the HDD installs? WOW!! comparedd to everything PSN is copying from XBL..

Greysturm3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

They are both copying features from Pc gaming so neither is copying each other in reality. (with the exception of avatars (not really second lyfish but more miish) and the "party system" (from sonys home media sharing and game launching)

P.S. This was an anwser to the openzone comments but for some reason it got posted here.

pow3r of t3h c3ll3772d ago

A "mystery button" so when you press it a huge hammer comes out of the 360, hits you on the head knocking some sense into you and then your newfound sense makes you trade in your 360 for a superior PS3!

Am I a genius or what?

cliffbo3772d ago

no it wouldn't work. the 360 owner would just take it back to the shop for a replacement. when it happened again he'd just scratch his head and head on back to the shop for another one...

absolutecarnage3772d ago

They should add a button on N4G, So when Stupid comments like the one I'm replying too. A big hand comes out and slaps the Sony Fan boy before he makes a comment on only xbox360 news, when it has no thought what of ever, and even makes ps3 feel ashamed about how fan boy it is. Man I wish it would be my hand too. This copying who thing is way out of hand. Give it a rest.

I don't even care about who copies who, because all it does is make the companies strive to make the product as a whole better for everyone.

Fan boys like power of the call ( no i'm not going to use your stupid 3's) and darksniper need to get a life. It's okay to have pride in your system but you guys take it way to far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mc Fadge3772d ago

Or does Microsoft have the worst mugshots for their employees EVER?

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