The Eurogamer TV Show: Ubisoft Montreal special

Eurogamer TV writes: "We take a trip to the land of moose, lumberjacking and government-subsidised game development to see what's cooking under the lid of Ubisoft Montreal's pot of delights. Far Cry 2, Shaun White's Snowboarding and Prince of Persia all await you within."

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Playstation Man3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

EG: So what do you guys think of your next-gen performance so far?

Ubi: Man have we sucked. We can't seem to make a fully functional next-gen game. AC liked to freeze and have all of its environments just kinda dissapear. Jade said it was an easter egg or something like that to put the game into gold status. I don't think that was the case looking back at it now...

EG: What do you think was your biggest next-gen failure thus far?

Ubi: Geez, there's been a lot. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was horrible...AC was truly a technical mess, and our other published titles like Haze and Enchanted Arms certainly haven't done too well with gamers or critics...that said, look out for Far Cry 2 on console! It will diffenitely be the biggest dissapointment yet!

EG: You mean, Far Cry 2 will be bad?

Ubi: Oh we certainly don't want it to be, but our lack of developer talent will almost certainly ensure that the game will be garbage. On console at least, especially the PS3! We can't develop for that thing at all!

EG: Well....uh....thanks for the interview...

Ubi: Oh no worries! It was my pleasure.

Surfman3746d ago

thats my city
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