Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway: I'm Not Faking It

Wired's Game|Life reports:

"Tell your blog that I'm really a genuinely smiley, nice person. Because people think I'm fake, smiling up there," Nintendo's new executive vice president said in an interview during last week's E3 Media & Business Summit. Dunaway was referring to the company's poorly received E3 press conference days before, in which she served as the lead presenter. Gaming fans watching at home, and even some in-person attendees, thought her exuberant performance sounded like false enthusiasm for the company's lineup of mostly casual games.

Personally, I think Dunaway, a former Yahoo executive who joined Nintendo of America last year, is a convenient scapegoat for angry gamers disappointed by Nintendo's lack of hard-core content. That's a real issue, of course, one we tackled right off the bat in the interview."

Read on for more info on Nintendo's business plans, including:

* Where all the hard-core content is
* Why Nintendo won't be surprising us with last-minute 2008 game announcements
* The official answers on Virtual Console's scaled-back schedule and lack of storage
* What's up with Professor Layton

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Montrealien3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Sarcastic Gamer had it best with this lady about the E3 Nintendo Keynote.

(It`s like being told what`s cool in gaming by your mom.)

She does seem nice though, just not the best person to tell a roomfull of geeks what`s in or out in gaming imho.

Thoas3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

She deserves a vagina punch for being so fake.

eagle213774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The one thing I caught that was fake:

They were demonstrating Wii motion plus with Wii resort. She was saying it was sooooo accurate. She threw the frisbee like any normal gamer would holding a wii-mote. Her first attempt failed with her hand movement. She then said:

"See, Wii motion plus is so good it recognized my bad hand input"....

Give me a break! :)

Maxned3774d ago

Yea i know I was embarrassed for her at that moment..
Actually, I was embarrassed the entire show.

ChickeyCantor3774d ago

" The one thing I caught that was fake: "

If your opinions are based on such narrow minded nonsense your gaming life must be bitter.

Montrealien3774d ago


I must say, your just plain bitter. That reply seems to suggest that anyways. Need a hug?

*approaches arms wide open*

eagle213774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I also caught how lame your reply was....

That was obviously damage control she did.

Overall, I think she is an asset to nintendo. She has enthusiasm and can make more of an impact with the casual crowd than Reggie.

Did you even watch the presentation? I have nothing against Nintendo, so go cry about Cammie somewhere else. :)

ChickeyCantor3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Where was i defending Cammy?
I saw the conference and it was bad indeed, but if you are going to talk about "fake", at least talk about something that is not so narrow minded as the nonsense you "noticed".

It seems you care more about Cammy than i do, so you have the honor to cry,

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Harry1903774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I had to check on my remote if I was not actually watching Comedy Network instead.

Example: 'That's why they call me the Reggienator'. I mean comon,that was gold. He even beat Kaz with this one. Reggie still scares me though....his eyes...he has that terrible look,now I know how Darth Vader is behind his mask.

Bnet3433774d ago

No that isn't gold. He has been saying Regginator since two E3's ago ...

name3774d ago

She seems like a really nice person. Whether or not her personality clashes with the gaming community well is another story, but you don't meet a lot of people like that. At least I sure as hell don't.

BananaSlug3774d ago

Cammie Dunaway is equivalent to the former Jeff Bell of MS

Adamalicious3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

" Rhythm Heaven is your under-the-radar, Professor Layton-style announcement for this E3. Speaking of which, we need more Professor Layton.
Dunaway: Yeah, I agree. I played all of Professor Layton, it's a fantastic game."

That doesn't count you lamers.

EDIT: Oh, and that's what she said. haha!

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