PALGN E3 2008: Tomb Raider: Underworld Preview

PALGN writes: "Tomb Raider: Legend was a fantastic game that rejuvenated the tired looking Tomb Raider franchise. Last year Lara Croft fans were treated to the stellar Tomb Raider Anniversary, which was also a fantastic game, but ever since Tomb Raider: Legend fans have been waiting for a truly revolutionary Tomb Raider title designed for the current generation of consoles. Here it is, Tomb Raider: Underworld. We thought we'd take an early look at the game that could shape up to be Lara's best outing yet.

Crystal Dynamics isn't just happy to sit on its laurels and quite a few changes have been promised for Underworld. First off, the game world will be a little more interactive. For example, as Lara walks she will leave footprints in the mud, even the bodies of the enemies you kill will stay permanantly in the game world, in previous Tomb Raider titles, the bodies would disappear, this will no longer be a problem."

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