We See What You’re Doing, Hatred, And You Have To Stop Being Dicks

GG3 writes: "At least appears functional, so there are no issues there.

What’s becoming less cute to deal with is the way Hatred is handling its marketing campaign."

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AudioEppa1096d ago

Good article.

Now about that trailer above, never seen it before and that was bad, no not cool 'bad' just freaking pathetic bad.

it's unfortunate too, take off the bird's eye view, put an interesting story with a whole different concept to go along with these graphics and you could have something worth buying, but you don't, you have that.

freshslicepizza1095d ago

i must be twisted because i thought the game looks better than i thought it would

SonyWarrior1095d ago

your not twisted this is my favorite upcoming title

breakpad1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

for this game should permit its release and afterwards immediately rate it with 0/10 ...its theme is obnoxious, untasteful and garbage ...the developers ofcourse are some untalented and unimagined guys

harrisk9541095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )


I hope you are joking. I know that everyone has their own tastes - Some love CoD and some hate it, some love God of War and some hate it, some love Candy Crush and some hate it. But, Hatred is a game with zero redeeming value and just feeds into mainstream perceptions about what people believe is wrong with video games. It is not about hunting down a serial killer and needing to get into his mindset. It is not about even about getting into a serial killer's mind to give it some (any) redeeming value. It is simply a "game" about hurting innocent people for the sake of it, with no rhyme or reason. A game that is attempting riding a wave of shock value in hopes that people will buy into the sadistic nature of the game.

Sure, there are other games where you kill people. There are other games where you are being a sadist. There are books and movies that tackle the world of serial killers and sadists (Eli Roth films, for instance). But, in the end, they at least try and put some sort of spin that makes them socially acceptable, whether that spin is "hey, this is a horror movie" or "hey, this is a game about war" or "hey, this social commentary/parody", etc.... The developers of Hatred have completely wiped away all pretext and have, thematically, created an abomination of a game.

I guess, it is really about the context of the game and here it appears to merely be some attempt by an unknown developer to increase sales by creating controversy. This is a "murder sim", pure and simple. It is no different than if you were to make a World War II/Holocaust game and just be a character who tortures and murders people with no other game play elements. Even the Columbine Massacre game from a few years ago was developed (according to the creator) as a "critique of how traditional media sensationalized the shooting (in particular the role of video games), as well as parodying video games themselves". No such overtures with Hatred. This game is exactly what it appears to be on its face -- and on its face, there is nothing good about it.

Certainly, the developer has the right to make this game and people have the right to play it, but we, as a gaming community should send a message that a "game" like this is unacceptable. At a time where our community is under constant attack, this is not the message that we should be sending.

To be morbidly curious is one thing, but to say that this is your favorite upcoming title? Seriously? Very sad state of affairs that this would be anyone's most anticipated game.

Scissorman821096d ago

I have to disagree with this article. The developers are 'dicks' for releasing the game early to the fans that already paid for it? And this is supposed to be bad? How? Just because someone pre-ordered the game doesn't mean they are going to love it, let alone defend their purchase. What about publishers who do not allow gaming sites to post review scores early? Isn't that just as much of a 'dick' tactic as it doesn't allow for gamers to read a critique before they make an investment. I can understand the writer of this piece not liking Hatred and wanting it to just go away. But the amount of salt in this article is just too much. Stop trying to malign the developer for rewarding the people who backed their product. You clearly aren't one of those who pre-ordered the game. So what does it matter to you? Are you afraid that the swarm of insincere positive reviews will make the game sell in the millions? I honestly had a luke-warm interest in this game until the likes of you tried to convince me how horrible it was. I now intend to purchase Hatred. Thank you. :)

Daavpuke1096d ago

Sure, dude, go play the hell out of it; you're welcome. There's a link to a prior article, by the way, for that whole "not liking" part. Someone hit disagree on you for raising a point, so I'll hit agree, even if I'm not 100% on board with the post.

To answer the "how" question, in the hopes it is one. The answer is simple: Bias.

It's the same as, for instance, Patreon, where a financial contribution ahead of time is more likely to have you be positive towards the product, to confirm your prior interest. Sure, it's not set in the most absolute of stone that someone who pre-ordered, spending a real amount of money, will like Hatred, but we could at least expect a tendency towards it. I mean, no one wants to pre-order a game that sucks, right? You'll want to hold on to every shred of hope that the thing you were so eager to pay for isn't bad, because it makes you look bad.

A lot of people dislike game ties to Patreon and criticism in similar ways for tipping the scales in any direction, certainly when allowed privileged coverage; in this case being the only ones able to play and therefore critique Hatred.

If after that you still want to hate on me, go right ahead. If you didn't preorder though, you'll be getting it after this initial, artificial barrier, like the rest of us shlumps.

Pastorfuzz1095d ago

@scissorman82. Also, off topic, I got suspended from this site for calling one of the posters an idiot (which he was)but the author of this article can call the developer a bunch of "dicks"
Definition of the word hypocrites!

DiscoKid1095d ago

The developers aren't here to get offended and report you. An N4G author is.

Scissorman821096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

" I mean, no one wants to pre-order a game that sucks, right? You'll want to hold on to every shred of hope that the thing you were so eager to pay for isn't bad, because it makes you look bad. "

This sounds an awful lot like one of the reasons why fanboys exist; not all of us are able to afford every video game console - so those whom can only have one and not another would put their purchase on a pedestal while labeling the competition as inferior.

But Hatred isn't massive investment to a typical gamer by any means - it costs less than most titles out there. If it ends up being complete garbage, I don't think those who pre-ordered it would be so afraid to admit that they made a bad purchase that they would overcompensate by flooding the internet with glowing reviews; this isn't a $400-$500 gaming console. We all buy bad games, it happens.

I did not pre-order this game. The barrier you speak would never have applied to me. What the developer is doing is simply a gesture of thanks to those who saw an interest in a product, who were able to look passed all the noise and negative press and make a decision on their own.

Wouldn't this bias hold true for any and all pre-orders then? Incentives. Bonuses. Extra skins and maps. Consumers are consistently incentivized to order a product long before it is reviewed - let alone even released. Is there no bias there? Wouldn't consumers lean towards speaking positively about their purchase, especially if you had pre-ordered it, paid in full, and received some extra content? You don't want to 'look bad', so of course you are going to defend it - this is the argument that you are making after all.

Kickstarter offers rewards to backers. Beta access. Extra backer-only content. Would this not generate a bias as well? And Kickstarter projects aren't even guaranteed to be released, let alone have any obligation to stick to their original pitch or concept. Why is Hatred and what it is doing - releasing the title a mere three days before the rest of 'shlumps' get to play - being singled out when countless others have been conducting similar activity for years?

NerveGearneeded1096d ago

Rob zombie in hatred the movie the trailers they put out. the game reminds me of when you stop giving a fuck about doing story/missions in GTA and just want to murder everyone in your way.

Dabigsiebowski1095d ago

Glad to pass on this...IMO!

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