Hirai reassures 40GB PS3 owners

MCV: Global Sony boss tells consumers: 'You still have a very powerful console'

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blue1253799d ago


but inreliy itizgames

reckoner3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

60gb is the best :P

shazam3799d ago

It is the best PS3 of all. And mine has a 320GB HDD.

LiquifiedArt3799d ago

80 and 40 gig are the same machines with a differnt harddrive. The Backwards Compatible 80gig is another story. Thats 100$ more. :)

I recommend upgrading your HDD yourself, i put a 160gig into mine in about 2 minutes.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3799d ago

My 40GB is alright, I just don't see why they couldn't have added BC, doesnt make any sense to me but meh!

xplosneer3799d ago

Or just that they didn't? The 80GB actually has a bit of the PS2 in it, and they just removed it to make more $(or lose less? IDK at the time the 40GB was launched)

bym051d3799d ago

It isn't about the cost savings. They admitted that at E3. It's about selling PS3 games.

They said they want to sell PS3 games to PS3 owners and PS2 games to PS2 owners.

Apparently, there are a lot of people who are still buying and playing mainly PS2 games on their PS3 (me, thank you Final Fantasy XII and Persona 3 FES).

Hagaf223799d ago

my 20 gig is still a "powerful" machine. ofcourse i up'ed the hard drive but everything else is great. and i still have bc...

deeznuts3799d ago

"My 40GB is alright, I just don't see why they couldn't have added BC, doesnt make any sense to me but meh!"

Money. They saved like $27 or so by ripping it out. They're still losing money on these things. Multiply $27 x 2M, or 3M, or 4M, or eventuall 10M. It's not chump change.

Silver3603799d ago

But I wish they would have included hdmi cables i can always add a hard drive but the not having the cables made me think that sony was cheap.

Zeevious3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

has been in development, hiring in January of 2008 specifically for this project.

The PS3 (and 360 for that fact) is well within the specs for functional, fully compatible, entirely software-based PS2 emulation.

The hardware removed may have been for good reasons:
If your paying $23.72 per component part for the emulation chip and selling 10 million units, you're saving about 236 million in costs by developing an emulator.
That's about 6 new first party or even more PSN games!

Sony planned this even before the PS3's launch according to an article in mid-2006:
For financial and marketing reasons they planned to re-introducing compatibility solely through software emulation later, closer to the end of the PS2's viable market life.

In my opinion it would have made more sense to complete and release the emulator with the 40gig and all future models when the EE/components where removed.

The Cell processor can certainly emulate a non-HD older game system with 32 megabytes of ram running at less than a tenth of the performance, since some examples of PS2 emulators already exist for the PC & Developers.

If anyone was creating a viable PS3/PS2 emulator, it would be the company that created the PS2.

It is just a question of when this would be publicly released.

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harv0523799d ago

If you want more capacity, just replace the HDD....

And for the BC, it's all a money thing...

Drekken3799d ago

At least bluray is still a format used in the industry today. Don't give us flip-flopping BS when playing PS2 games should be the last thing a PS3 owner should be worried about.

littletad3799d ago

"playing PS2 games should be the last thing a PS3 owner should be worried about."

What a dumb thing to say. Regardless it's a feature that should have been implemented in every console, just like blu-ray. So spread your bs comments elsewhere.

BYE3799d ago

The capacity isn't that much of an issue, as it can be replaced, but they should already announce backwards compatibility firmware! All hopes on Leipzig.

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