"Ps3 has the upper hand in Games"-Analyst

Following a much praised E3 Press Conference,Signal Hill Market Analyst Todd Greenwald shares his thoughts on Sonys current market position,and why he believes Sony now has the upper hand in the Games library and Pricing structure.

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i_eatbreakfast4lunch3769d ago

is that why the devs are in favor of a more "user friendly" system...

i know it has the power but does it have the ease of use the devs are looking for is to be found out down the road

blue1253769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

yet *but tihs it iyz iz$%& it myt

i ?think but yeh u you kno alrdy ryt

sowhich game is beta?

DiLeCtioN3769d ago

do you still believe that nonsense excuse? The only reasons dev were saying that is because they needed somewhere to start off (MONEY LOTS OF IT) and the 360 happened to be the consoles that provided it for them with its huge install base.

harv0523769d ago

Blue, the way you write is just really annoying, please stop...

poopface13769d ago

cause if hes talking about today, hes a moron.

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LiquifiedArt3769d ago

Hes technically WRONG. There is no PS3 price cut. Simply the 40gig ps3 will now have a harddrive with twice the capacity. THey DID NOT lower the price of the BC(Backwards Compatible) machine At all.

Still i agree, Sony has quite the breadth of titles coming out.

SIX3769d ago

You are absolutely right. The 40 gig hardrive is replaced with and 80 gig, so no 80 gig price drop. Everything else he says sounds pretty logical to me though. If you call yourself a gamer and you don't get a PS3 this year then for shame on you.

braydon6193769d ago

yah i was just gonna point that out :P... not exactly a price cut

Shaka2K63769d ago

xbox 360 on the other hand has no games for 2008, no wonder noone is buying it anymore its a disaster world wide.

TheColbertinator3769d ago

Check out the contributor.Its Queefy B.Hahahahaha

n00bzRtehgey3769d ago

lmfao. nice find, Colbear. what a homo!

KillahCam3769d ago

This is the samething I've been screaming into peoples heads for the longest and this guy just confirmed it!!!!

PS3 and B3YOND

Master of Menace3769d ago

for PS3 fans that is! I love this site! Ha!