PSW: Mirror's Edge Preview

Oi, Persia. Get out of it. Croft, skedaddle. All you acrobatic platforming types are all the same. Born with a silver spoon jammed right in your faces, and snooping around dusty, sandy levels like some kind of tourist. The heroine of Mirror's Edge is called Faith, and her world is a long sprint away from filth and privilege. She's a courier in a modern-day alternate world where the dazzlingly, clinically clean windows are just one symptom of a nanny government in overdrive.

It's a world approaching political satire - everything in Mirror's Edge is under surveillance. Every bit of information is monitored and controlled, and if you eat a bowl of Corn Flakes at breakfast, you'll be on the Kellogg Lovers' Register before lunch. Senior producer Owen O'Brien explains that it's not fanciful futuristic sci-fi. "It's a city that doesn't exist, but it's a contemporary city," he says. "We've taken things that are happening in the world - social, architectural, political - and we've combined it all in one place."

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Legend3772d ago

I have been wanting to see a game take the first person perspective to new places for a very long time now. Lets hope the controls and gameplay are spot on. These two factors will make or break the game.

AAACE53772d ago

M-E does look like something spectacular in the making... But I feel it will get overlooked for lack of traditional action!

The back of the cover and the commercial will show great graphics and gunplay, which will make some buy it, but when they play the game and see it is something different, some will like it, others will bad mouth it to would be buyers. Overall, this game will face the same fate as Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from butcher bay...overlooked and ignored!

Infernus3772d ago

The latest trailer shows some action, a bit of gun stealing, running up a wall and taking someone out. It does look good but I don't know if it's got enough going for it to make it worth buying though and that's the only problem I have with it, honestly.

It's a cool new take on the first person genre but does it have enough of a pull to get people to buy it?

Legend3772d ago

As long as I like it, that's all that matters to me. We'll see how it turns out.