Should the P in LBP stand for payment? discusses the proposed "pay for levels" system being discussed for Little Big Planet.

From the article: "Let's be honest. Jobs aren't fun. If you could make money by sitting home and playing videogames all day, chances are, you would. Unfortunately, for most of us, this simply isn't an option. It is a luxury reserved for the incredibly rich.

While playing videogames in your living room doesn't look to be a fiscally profitable venture anytime soon, the folks over at Sony and Media Molecule might allow gamers to earn a little extra money from their favorite hobby.

Hit the jump for the details."


Update from SCEA about pricing of user-generated content.

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Vip3r3796d ago

It should remain free link online gaming itself.

spunnups3796d ago

According to an SCEE representative:

Obviously, we’re also excited about the future and David was talking about how user-generated content could potentially evolve in the long term. Any decisions that are taken to evolve LBP in the future, will include the community and focus purely on enhancing the user experience.

I find it interesting that the company representative said “at launch.” Perhaps Reeves got a bit too excited and provided some information that he wasn’t supposed to. We can only hope.

However, for now, it looks like you will have to search your couch cushions or mow a few lawns if you want some extra cash.

MazzingerZ3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I think people is making a big thing of's not that everybody will be able to charge for a crappy level, it's a long way to be able to do you can be sure if it costs money it's because it's as good as one created by MM themselves.

Even EPIC is considering giving moders their space to charge for the best mods for UT3, seriously guys, do you want other people to put hours in stuff and you get it for free?...I'm sure I can create a crappy level in 1 hour but it will never be as good as other levels where people put all day or days in's fair they can charge for it...and it won't be 10 USD but probably 1 buck here and there....

Mods in UT3 are amazing but sometimes is difficult to find the good ones among dozens or maybe today hundreds...the same would apply for LBP...I think this is a nice way to allow you to detect the best ones from the "regular but fun" ones

The point with the MODS and user generated content is NOT GETTING THINGS FOR FREE but giving a space to creative people that can keep a game alive for many times we complain about a game not being supported? Developers must move on into new projects, by allowing User generated content they are inyecting life to the game... UT3 without mods will die very soon on the X360 that's why is out until now, some months before Gears 2 once Gears 2 is out no one would care nor demand that EPIC support UT3.

besides, it's not like you can't create your own levels in LBP and you are completely dependant on what other people with devkits creates... you won't need more than the same knowledge acquired while playing to create a level so what's the big deal?

LBP is the game of the year probably, leave this kind of topics to anti-PS3 sites like Kotaku

xhairs93796d ago

Wow this article is stupid. It's YOUR choice to buy the damn level why would that be a problem? Don't wanna pay? Don't buy it, it's your choice. These are USER-GENERATED LEVELS PEOPLE, chances are it's either gonna be GOOD or BAD. It's not made buy the company you don't know them you don't know anything about the level, don't buy it, simply put. It's called being a smart consumer, wow.

KingME3796d ago

So, why can't you give the same speech when talking about XBL?

Megatron083796d ago

I never thought this game look like anything other then a waste of time and money and this proves it. The game will be flooded with people trying to charge insane amounts of money for content that they put little to no effort into in hopes of making a quick buck.

Oh and of course its free when its released cause there be nothing on there for you to buy. Give it a good week or two to get filled up with crap.

Max Power3796d ago

why would people charge "insane amounts" for their level. the smart thing would be to make it cheap so more people will download it, and people won't feel like its a huge investment if the level isn't what they expect. So i say most levels, when this becomes available and when people qualify for this, will most likely have a rather cheap price point, say 25 cents or possibly less.

Kr1553796d ago

did you even read the article? Or were you just hanging around waiting for the chance to blast a Playstation game? not everyone will be able to charge for thier content. Only people who create content thats particully good can even qualify to charge for thier content which means that the majority of the content is free. and to start with everything will be free. what you said made absolutely no sense. "of course it will be free at first because there wont be anything to charge for." what?!?!? the hell are you talking about. what he said was pretty straight forward. they will not LET people charge for content until the community developes. and when they do let people do it they have already addressed the fact that not just anyone with a crap level is free to rip people off. Your post fails.

mistertwoturbo3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )


Here's a tip for reading N4G comments. Always assume the Fanboy did not read the actual article. It's also safe to assume that they only react to the headline. So if the headline is 100% completely different than the article, they will still react to it.

Also keep in mind Fanboys do not think about what they type. They will only instantly type what is on their brain (assuming they have one, it's been an un-told myth that fanboys might just be robots created by the console makers to generate hype and protect their product free of charge). They will usually type some sort of Hate for the other console regardless of the article. Or exhibit the superiority complex for their console of choice.

micro_invader3796d ago

If you had read the article (which you obviously didn't) you'd see that the creator can't set the price, only Sony and MM can.

xhairs93796d ago

How about implementing an Author-Rating? For those who do end up purchasing a game for say, $10. If the game was utterly disgusting and only worth $0.10 perhaps rate that author a 1 on a scale of 1 - 10? Then that way when you purchase you have an idea of whether or not this author can create a stage worth $10 or $0.10. And on a side-note, it'd get your name out there to be able to sort by author-rating etc. etc.

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Shaka2K63796d ago

And im paying Sony so no harm in that.

MAiKU3796d ago

yeah.... I'm not gonna pay for a level ridiculously priced...

Max Power3796d ago

if a level has a great rating by a lot of people, what would be the price point that would be acceptable in your eyes? i am not saying that i would like to spend a lot on a level or that people should, i just want to know how much you'd spend.

MAiKU3796d ago

I'll have to wait and see, I'm going on what I've heard so far... and i like what i hear except the whole buy a level thing.

Keep in mind that you pay for other download content as well. I don't want to burn too many holes in my wallet.... ^_^'

Endorphin3796d ago

This whole payment thing potentially might become the downfall of LBP because later in the LBP life when people stop playing it by moving onto other PS3 games, only the dedicated creators we'll be left and sooner or later they are going to get full of themselves and start charging for their services, which is going to start casting out some people that just don't feel like paying for one level(no matter how great it is.) LBP is about PLAY, CREATE, SHARE...this don't sound like sharing.

spunnups3796d ago

I think it's an awful idea, people should make and create levels for the love of the game, maybe win a cool prize for the best levels, they should not make others pay money. There is enough DLC we already have to pay for as gamers. I hope LBP is different. I will be thoroughly disappointed if this is true. The only option I can see happening is...If...Media Molecule released a full pack of different levels created by the gamers or whoever, maybe 5 levels for $4.99 or something along those lines. $1 per level is reasonable, if the levels are considerably big and extremely creative. Overall though I dont like this idea at all.

deeznuts3796d ago

Of course because of the hundreds or thousands of good levels which will probably be free, all LBP owners will choose to only play the levels that cost something.

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