This year's E3: substance over style-and far from dead

ArsTechnica: "Industry professionals attending this year's E3 Summit may have first believed they were in the wrong place. The huge banner that used to cover the front of the Los Angeles Convention Center was gone, and one lone sign welcomed journalists as we walked into the show. No advertisements for games, no hype for the gaming consoles, no music. If last year's E3 was smaller than we expected, this year's Summit felt almost sedated: unless you were in a meeting room, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a large meeting for accountants perhaps, or insurance salesmen.

Does the dramatically reduced size mean E3 is dead? We don't believe so. Frank and I covered the show from Sunday through Thursday and were able to get our hands on some of the biggest upcoming games, as well as speak to many of the minds behind those games. The press conferences from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo showed the world what each company's strategy would be moving into the holidays and beyond."

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