Kotaku Hands-on: Killing A Dead Space Boss

kotaku writes: "After making my way through the hydroponics lab, a developer skipped me to a boss battle. In it I had to deal with some patches of zero gravity. My boots, automatically magnetized, allowed me to stick to the floor. To move I would just look at an area that had metal and jump to it, floating crazily to my goal and than latching on.

The boss itself was nested in a giant circular room, its tendrils hidden in ooze. To defeat it I had to run around the walls of the moving room and deal out damage, methodically, taking down the creature one tendril at a time.

I think Dead Space's blend of deep space horror and tactical combat is going to resonate both with hardcore fans of the thriller genre and those more reluctant in the past to dip into it."

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KingKirchner3798d ago

I'm actually more excited for this game than Resi5! The whole co-op thing in RE5 just seems like it would take all the scare out of it and the animations look exactly like RE4. It still looks good, but very uninspired.

Dead Space on the other hand looks much more unique and changes up things with the relevance of gravity. Plus it looks more scary than RE5.

Between this and Mirror's Edge, EA has found a way for me to give up my money! (I hate EA, but both these games look great)