When screaming at the television works: Ars Technica EndWar impressions

Ars Technica Writes: "EndWar is a title I was already familiar with-I spent about 15 hours with the beta-and there wasn't very much new to report about from the show demo I had at Ubisoft's E3 room; basically, the UI and network connectivity had been slightly improved. However, now that I can finally talk about the game, it's time for a few impressions.

I've long been a champion of RTS console games, but EndWar takes the genre in a new direction with full voice command. This isn't another analog stick game; when the developers said that this would be the Goldeneye of console RTS games, they weren't that far off the mark. There really hasn't been anything on consoles that allows for the kind of speed that voice command does, and thanks to some powerful software and a brief calibration exercise, the system in EndWar works near-flawlessly."

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