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Sony's $3 billion tops global box office, Looks to Break Industry Record

Sony Pictures Entertainment said Thursday that it has reached $3 billion in worldwide box office sales this year, a marker hit by only two other studios in movie history.

Warner Bros. Pictures hit that mark in 2004 and '05, while Walt Disney Pictures achieved the milestone in 2003. (Industry)

Maddens Raiders  +   3154d ago
Sweet Baby Jesus -
God bless you Ricky Bobby. I know it's not true to form gaming news, but it is related to SNE's portfolio and the PS3. Rick's helping SNE's coffers to shake - n - bake.(sorry);-) Now, why did time-Warner poo-poo bluray again?lol
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shotty  +   3154d ago
Interesting that sony (a hardware company) owns alot of entertainment properties.
Marriot VP  +   3154d ago
well hardly just a hardware company, their a huge success story from our reparations after WW2. Cause the japanese economy was in shambles, America imported a lot and helped Japanese companies get back on their feet. It's kinda neat how their one of our biggest allies now only because of the War.
Marriot VP  +   3154d ago
hey that's how much it'd cost Sony to sell 10 million PS3s
THE TRUTH  +   3154d ago
Just wait til this summer when spiderman 3 hits the theaters!

That movie looks like its will be a huge blockbuster!
DC RID3R  +   3154d ago
i agree spidey 3...........will be a MONSTER!
but the 3billion raised from movie sales is just a buffer for the ps3 production costs, which , from a business sense is a shame really :(
Optimus Prime  +   3153d ago
yea, that movie is going to be amazing, i cant wait. it will destroy the box office for opening day.
videl  +   3154d ago
sony will rock! ps3 rocks! cant wait to get mine, only some more days... rrrrr
Antan  +   3154d ago
give it a rest pal! we all know your a ps3 guy at heart but do you really have to post the same comments on every article?? getting a bit tiresome, try and add comments relating to the story please.
NextGen24Gamer  +   3154d ago
Those are two apsects of Sony that I love
Their Music and Movie business. Not enough to buy their movies on Blu ray....but enough to buy them on DVD and play them on my HD dvd player upscaled. But where Sony has been making their mistakes is being too ambitious and not listening to consumers. Consumers want HD dvd 11 to 1. So as a Movie Company they should give the consumers what they want rather than force us to buy their format for their movies. Listen to the consumers SONY.

Them playing hard ball with what consumers want....11 to 1....might backfire on the movie aspect of Sony. People are pretty fickle. It doesn't make me stop buying sony movies...but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Remember the whole EA sports deal with the NFL. It left a bad taste in millions of gamers mouths. And I believe Madden has lost much of its glory due to them not listening to the fans. Most gamers favored 2k football games. When you go against what the majority wants and spit in their faces.....You loose a lot in consumers eyes.

With Sony making an attempt to push a format onto consumers that obviously don't want it as a whole....it will back fire.

From a business standpoint....Why wouldn't Sony release its movies on both formats and let the consumers decide which version they want. Wouldn't that clarify what direction the industry needs to go....rather than Sony attempting to tell consumers what they think is best for them....and it just so happens to cost more with NO tangable difference between the two formats. Disc space doesn't benefit the movie industry when you look at the Tri layered HD dvd's holding 90 gigs on two layers. No movie will ever ever need that much space. And as of now....all the head to head comparissons favor HD dvd.

But anyway, I love Sony's movie and Music entities. I just wish for once sony would listen to the Majority of Consumers...Because it might come back and bite them in the arse like their video game section is doing right now. Wake up Sony.
THAMMER1  +   3152d ago
Who ever is running the Movies division should be reshuffled to the games division in my opinion.

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