Peter Molyneux considering MMO options

Peter Molyneux ducked questions about a possible Lionhead MMO game during a chat with Eurogamer prior to E3 and gave the impression that he's bound to secrecy.

When asked if his thoughts have been on MMOs recently, Fable 2's outspoken creative director gestured to his PR minder and said "Well, there's someone in this room to make sure that I don't say too much about that question.

"I have been looking at MMOs," he added. "I love the interaction, and I'm fascinated by the idea of really feeling secure and cool enough to actually do it."

When asked specifically if he had thought about making an MMO and about what a Lionhead MMO would look like, he said "Yes", but wouldn't be drawn any further.

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Nevers3770d ago

Everything I've seen and heard of this game leads me to believe it's gonna be somewhat like an MMOrpg. Between all Moly's sly little hinting and those XBLA games that seem to lend credence to an in-game economy. Just my IMHO.