Little Big Planet no custom music, does it matter?

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With little Big Planet coming out in October this year people are beginning to get excited if not already but it has recently been confirmed that there will be no custom music. Is this a big issue for the players? The developers said that they preferred to create their own music so that people would have a more immerse gaming session.

What do you think about this decision? Should Media Molecule have included custom music?

Even though they haven't included it, does it matter. When you create your own levels you could just add your music into them rather than having the game sound tracks.

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sonarus3802d ago

Yes it does. I was hoping features like in game messaging, video recording with youtube, home, trophies e.t.c. would become standard in ps3 games some day. For this to happen, sony needs to take a cue with their exclusive titles and make it happen. Media molecule is a small team but sony is publishing and they should try to get all the features possible in the game.

Its not that big of a deal but sony needs to start making these features standard in their games so 3rd party can follow

Mr_cheese3802d ago

People should at least have the option for in game or custom. Let us make the choice :D

myothercar3802d ago

I agree that if you really want to take away from the intended experience you should be able to. It's just that the game's music is part of the complete experience, and I wouldn't want to put, say, Nirvana overtop of it. Maybe I would like to put Smashing Pumpkin's "Today" overtop of the gameplay... because afterall, the day I boot this game up for the first time, will be the greatest day I've ever known.

Omega43802d ago

Of course it matters, the fact that its a first party exclusive makes it matter. If 1st party cant be bothered why the yell would 3rd parties, i guess it will just be another unused feature just like trophies

Fishy Fingers3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Do you ever take the time to think why there might be a reason for this? Or simply read the headline... "Zomg no in-game..."?

It's obviously something to do with copyright infringement, if you attach one of your songs to one of your maps upload it, millions now have access to music they didnt pay for.
Also, there are rumours of people being able to sell content online, such as maps, obviously if said map contained copyrighted materials (music) then royalties etc would have to be taken into account.

If this game was your basic simple platformer that didnt allow user generated content on such a scale then in-game music would of been allowed.

Just take the time to think about things.

Dark vader3802d ago

What does it matter do you omega, you dont have a ps3. So this news doesn't affect you at all. Stop trolling!

DTClown3802d ago

The same could be said about ANY content that you use in LBP, not just music. What is stopping people from using works of art or other trademarked items. Music is the same. There should be a system of validation before a user created map goes live. This would stop other things like porn from being used as well. Problem is, not enough resources to police it. It's not as cool if you submit your level only for it not to show up for a month or longer due to the watch dogs testing it out first.

As much as I love the idea of LBP, I see a LOT of legal issues regarding user generated content. All the same though, if you are able to use your own pictures, you should be able to use your own music and videos as well. As a musician, I have plenty of music that I own that I would want to use in my levels. I am also a video producer with tons of royalty free content to use as well.

thor3802d ago

Doesn't matter to me. The only games I want to have my own music to are those like racing games, sports games etc. where they usually have a tracklist of popular songs anyway (rather than, say PJM which has a distinct musical style).

I thought music played a part in the game, anyway. Can't we place things that make music if you go close to them?

MAiKU3802d ago

doesn't matter at all really.

You still customize your in-game music via the music mixer option, you just can't play your mp3's though.