Is Xbox 360 losing ground?

Following the trend from May, June sales for the Xbox 360 again sagged behind the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo is now in the lead with over 11 million in sales while the Xbox 360 is at about 10.5 million in sales. In 20 months Nintendo caught and surpassed the Xbox 360 in total units sold, and for the first time a non-current generation console is leading the new next generation consoles.

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La Chance3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

comparing 360 and Wii sales.

Does anyone have the sales for their first year in USA for all 3 consoles ?

i bet if you compare 360 sales with PS3 sales against the Wii its doing as good or even better since launch.People act as if Wii passing the 360 is a disaster.They seem to forget that Wii has been outselling the PS3 too since day 1 and if you cmpare PS3 sales with Wii sales in the USA and the 360 sales with Wii sales in USA.The 360 is actually doing a WAY better job against the Wii than the PS3 is.

The Wii is another market , caters to more people.

edit : anyone disgree what I said , bring numbers to the table.

LeSouteneur3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Is the brand name. Outside of the US, hell, even in the US, Microsoft is a hated company due to their past history of monopolistic and unfair practices, lists of hostile acquisitions, causing tons of lost jobs due to their motto of: "Emprace, Extend, Extinguish." George Bush supports their monopolistic practises though.

Here's a breakdown of the numbers. Xbox 360 has sold 10 million in the US, 19 million worldwide. According to them. Compared to the PS2 selling 40 million in the US, and 130 million worldwide. There is a lot more potential outside of the United States, just that they know not to support their monopoly.

And sorry for the long rant, but it's the truth. You guys just have to face it that unless MS gives away something for free (i.e. Internet Explorer), customers know not to buy MS products when there are better alternatives.

Drekken3769d ago

LaChance... I hear of a lot of people smoking crystal meth too. Doesnt mean its right or the smart thing to do.

shazam3769d ago

The Microsoft XBOX 360 is losing ground to the Sony PLAYSTATION 3 despite the one year, 10 million console head start.

The XBOX 360 will come in third place this generation like it's predecessor, the XBOX 0, in the last generation.

It is undeniable. It is inevitable.

If you think otherwise you are delusional.

StayHigh3769d ago

At the moment it looks the PS3 will continue to outsell the 360 through out this year due to big exclusive games..I think even 2009 will be even bigger year for Sony..All they have to do is another price drop and their set to take 2nd place..

jmare3769d ago

People compare the Wii to the 360 because the 360 came out a year earlier so all things being equal, the 360 should never have fallen behind due to sheer numerical advantage. The simple fact that the Wii has passed the 360 is important because it illustrates how far off MS is on their market targeting. Even though I still think the Wii is a fluke, the fact that ther are more in homes than there are 360s is a huge deal. And no one is mentioning the PS3 because right now the PS3 is in third but making progress.

xhairs93769d ago

Why is it that since the PS3 has dwindled down the 10M console gap to < 5M, Microsoft has all of a sudden been trying to buy all their exclusives? Is it due to the fact that Microsoft's only cop-out is to make every game available for both consoles in order to keep their lead for as long as possible?

I hope Microsoft can do that for another 8 years when this so called Console War ends.

Sayai jin3769d ago

What is the purpose of these articles. Really. Anytime I see sales figures and other numbers along those lines I wonder why people care. I could understand if people who make a big deal about sales owned stock/shares in these companies, but... I felt the same way when they were refer to any of these companies. If the 360, PS3, or Wii comes in third place, what does it mean, well less sales, but the market has grown so much that 3rd place will not be like it was less gen or the one before. 3rd place is possible for any of these 3 conpanies (no matter what your favorite is), but 3rd place could mean that your console has 32% of the market while the other two have around 33 to 34%. Nt much of a difference, but what des that really mean for any for gamers, nothing. These companies will continue to have great games this gen and all three will launch another console next gen. So what how does it affect you?

thebudgetgamer3769d ago

its not about sony its about wii vs 360

mfwahwah3768d ago

I disagree, but I'll wait until you bring some numbers first, seeing as you started this with that post.

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Rhezin3769d ago

you just want to say that to make yourselves feel better. Wake up to reality someday, and release that Foreman grill you bought is losing ITS ground. Here comes MGS4 360

MAiKU3769d ago

How the hell is a port of a PlayStation exclusive going to make your system better? how? just how? is it the resent of all those who hate your system, is that going to make it better? Or is it the fact that if it does happen and you'll get to sass about your 360 getting this game expanding over 2 or more discs??? Yeah... that makes it waaay better.

Drekken3769d ago

In a 10 pack of discs. You 360 fans want it so bad... Buy a PS3.

juuken3769d ago

MGS4 cannot be done on the 360. Kojima said that he would do a game on the 360 but NOT port MGS4.

What the f*ck is wrong with you 360 fanboys? You don't read, you don't comprehend, you can't even see that the 360 is in fact starting to lose ground. Nintendo just surpassed them in sales. The PS3 is proving that it's more than a bluray player AND it's outselling the 360 as well. Microsoft cannot expect to have some kind of lead when their nearest competitors just kicked their asses.

Wake up and smell the coffee beans Nancy boys.

Pain3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

but Reality say other.

Theres more to the World Outside of Canada im Bigger by Miles..

Veryangryxbot3769d ago

Not "is the 360 losing ground?" but

"The 360 IS losing ground!"


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La Chance3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

wow , what a way to spin.

I asked for digits comparing the first 12 months for all 3 consoles in USA and you will raelize that the PS3 is actually doing a horrible job against the Wii and is by far the weakest against the Wii.

Its hardcore numbers.

I bet PS3 will NEVER overtake Wii in USA does that mean that Sony is "far off on their market targeting"

And you saying that they never shouild have been passed by the Wii ?

Then Sony who I bet with the PS2 had a 5 or 6 times times bigger base than the GC should not even be being outsold by the Wii.

Your logic is full of biais flaws.

edit : lol @1.1 , a whole of people disagreeing but nobody brave enough to use cold hard facts called digits.
Smetimes digits speak more than words :)

@tintin below : I thought this aticle was about the USA.Can you get me a graph with USA sales please ?

Oh VGCHARTS ?! No comment !

titntin3769d ago

Give it up La chance...
The article is plainly about the 360 in comparison to the Wii.

Moan about VGchatz all you want, history shows their data is broadly accurate and this is a good tool:

Pretty clear to see wii storming ahead, but it actually looks like PS3 is selling better than 360 did at the same point in its cycle. admittidly this is worldwide figures, but hey, its a world wide buisness.

dude_uk3769d ago

and so the M$ defense force comes to save the day

silverchode3769d ago

you do know that the ps3 was selling at 600$ right. of course its going to sell less.

BulletToothtony3769d ago

the harsh truth about a 14 year old who is simply unwilling to accept the facts...

Watch how it evolves in a forum near you!!

jmare3769d ago

Maybe you needs some more schooling, but I didn't spin anything. Reading is hard, I know. I simply responded to your diatribe about the 360 being god's gift to the world. You are the one who brought up the PS3 in an article that doesn't mention it at all. I say MS is off on their market targeting because of the way they are now copying the Wii and the PS3 to try to broaden their market share. That sounds like to me that MS thinks they made a mistake. It's okay. 360 really is the best, I swears.

dude_uk3769d ago

wow dude...
you got a real bad rep here...
I almost feel sorry for you

Bathyj3768d ago

Nice Graph TinTin. But this one is even more interesting. Doesn't seem like PS3 is in any trouble at all to me.

And dont get too mad a La Chance. He hasn't been the same since his Dad burn off his ear on the stove.

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krakdol3769d ago

Denial must end, but take your time it's nice to watch you cry.

La Chance3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I cant believe you havnt learnt your lesson.

How many PS3 exclusives have to come to 360 for you to understand that a 3rd partys devs word doesnt mean anything.Konami can choose to go where the money is if they want too.

I mean FF wasnt enough for you ?


That said if MSG4 never comes too 360 then too bad.Geez.

@juuken below : lol , dissing my english ? pathetic , even more since Im not anglo saxon.And the rest of the rubbish you posted down Im not even gonna bother to counter that lol.

Cant wait for Star Ocean 4 360 exclu and Infinite Undiscoverya and now FF13.Square sure does treat the 360 with alot of love

Thank you Square :)

juuken3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

"I cant believe you havnt learnt your lesson."

I can't believe you don't know how to spell simple words. :o

"How many PS3 exclusives have to come to 360 for you to understand that a 3rd partys devs word doesnt mean anything.Konami can choose to go where the money is if they want too."

How many 360 exclusives came on the PS3? You are a f*cking moron. There were plenty of interviews with Kojima already. Kojima and his team are the ones who worked extremely hard on MGS4. If Konami were to port MGS4, it would take a sh*tload of work and it would take forever to get it over on the 360. And I don't think Sony will take kindly for it going to the 360 because of that fact. They may have let a couple of exclusives go but this one is staying.

Get over it.

"I mean FF wasnt enough for you ?"'s being worked on first on the PS3 so it's not really a big deal anymore. You guys get a port while we get the original version. :)



Square just screwed Microsoft because the game isn't even coming out on the 360 in Japan! It's only coming out in North America and Europe! Japan is the BIGGEST marketplace for Final Fantasy games! Square just sent a big fat 'f*ck you' to the 360 owners in Japan!

"That said if MSG4 never comes too 360 then too bad.Geez."

Too bad indeed because it's not coming. Go cry some more.

What, can't handle the truth LaChance? You had to disagree with me?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3769d ago

...I Hope the xBox 360 NOSE-DIVES in Sales at a Fast rate(Faster than any Console has done before it)!!! ;-D
After reading the HATE on this for a few months the xBot Lemmings and Micro$oft DESERVE IT!!! :-/

Thoas3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I can tell your new to gaming, because if you weren't than you would know that many Final Fantasy games have been on Nintendo's platforms since the early 90's, years before PS1 was even thought of. The fanboys that should be mad are the Nintendo ones since there console was the first to have it. La Chance get out of here because your making yourself look really dumb with no knowledge of anything.

Oh yeah your avatar sucks

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Truplaya3769d ago

maybe, but i dont have shares in MS so i couldnt care less. Their support of the 360 isnt slowing down so it doesnt effect anyone who owns one already. If you dont have one, the price might come down soon.

krakdol3769d ago

It IS in fact slowing down, unless you consider their current lineup (banjo and pinata) competitive with sony 30 games to come soon...