Destructoid E3 08: Hands-on with Traveler's Tales' LEGO Batman

Destructoid writes: "This fall, developer Traveler's Tales will be merging their popular cooperative LEGO videogame titles with DC Comics' Batman universe in the form of LEGO Batman: The Videogame. Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive and Traveler's Tales had a playable demo of the game as part of their games showcase at E3 this year, and I came away more impressed than I had expected I would be.
Now don't get me wrong -- Traveler's Tales LEGO Star Wars games were cute fun, but not particularly deep in their execution. By the time LEGO Indiana Jones hit the market, the voices in my head couldn't help but think "Here it comes again." So while I'm admittedly a bigger fan of the Batman universe than either the Lucas or Speilberg properties, I couldn't quite bring myself to be excited about the idea of a LEGO Batman title."

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ShAkKa3771d ago

what i need from them is a new crash like twinsanity i don`t like what sierra is doing to the franchise.