180 Million Copies Of Vista Sold In 18 Months, Says Microsoft

In its results for the financial year 2008, Microsoft has stated that it has sold as many as 180 million copies of Windows Vista, since its launch in January 2007.

In its annual financial statement, Microsoft has announced that the company has generated revenues worth $60 billion, with a 25% increase in its yearly net income.

Weakening dollar also helped Microsoft to generate revenues worth $542 million, mainly in form of foreign currency exchange rates.

Microsoft has promptly indicated Vista's contribution in increasing the annual revenues of the company, and claimed that for the fiscal year ended in June, Vista OEM revenue has registered a mammoth growth of $1.7 billion or 13%.

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Sega Saturn3772d ago

Well done Microsoft. Vista is the best OS available!

i_eatbreakfast4lunch3772d ago

are you on crack??

i bet there were a couple million of those that were converted back to XP, guaranteed, not to mention how many customers they turned off due to its lackluster performance...

expect more

Dark vader3772d ago

I am happy for Microsoft cause they are and american company, and i am american. But i just don't want them to have the gaming market in that same choke hold that they have on the OS market. Is not that i don't like Microsoft, is just that i don't like the way they do business. As a company they don't like compettition and the love to monopolize.

thewhoopimen3772d ago

Talk about 180 million shoved down consumer throats. They really need to start debundling oses for consumers to have a choice. Vista is the most over price, bloated piece of software to ever instantly downgrade anyone's new system.

Panthers3772d ago

Dark, that is irrelevant now-a-days. So much of the company works in other countries. That is like saying you like Ford because they are an American company. The car that uses the most American parts is the Camary. I see no reason to like a company because it is American. Provide quality products and I will buy them. M$ doesnt have the best track record for doing that.

shazam3772d ago

they actually mean "preinstalled on every new computer"

solidt123772d ago

100 million had XP installed immediately after purchase. :)


for an OS that gets so much hate

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Rockstar3772d ago

Of all those people who purchased Vista did so without much of a choice.

Andras843772d ago

Well, not all but most people. People who just got a new computer and they had Vista installed on it.

I went out and brought a copy for myself. It had many problems but they are constantly improoveing it.

So far every works on it that I used to do on XP so I'm ok with Vista.

HateBoy3771d ago

Me too, no problems so far, except a couple of minor annoyances. But I guess the really problematic issues with Vista only become obvious for "advanced" users, not me.

WeaseL3771d ago

I bought a new PC with Vista but partitioned the HDD and installed XP on it because XP more stable.

Vip3r3772d ago

So does this include all the laptops and desktops bought that had it as part of the package?

Montrealien3772d ago

I`m sure a lot of those are business licenses and new computers though. I like Vista, no problems yet, most Vista problems are 12 inches form the screen anyways.

Wildarmsjecht3772d ago

Im pretty sure if they didnt force it upon laptops and computers it wouldn't be that much. They should take a poll as to how many of those vista buyers wanted XP instead. I think it'd be about..180 million users.

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The story is too old to be commented.