Need for Speed Dev: The Year Off Was Very Important For Us As A Brand

Need for Speed's Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson explains that not releasing in 2014 was very important for the brand going forward.

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Crimzon938d ago

Well this NFS game will have had the same amount of dev time as every other NFS game: two years.

I know they're trying to play the angle of having worked on the game for longer than usual but it's a lie. They just had different developers filling in the gaps so that they could maintain yearly releases before, but now it's just one developer and their two year dev cycle is the same as always.

jdaboss938d ago

its a lie because some jerk0ff on the internet named "Crimzon" says so..

SlapHappyJesus938d ago (Edited 938d ago )


It's actually the truth, were you to do just a tiny bit of research.

Then again, some "jerkOff" on the internet named jdaboss says otherwise. So I might as well just blindly agree with him instead, right?

Dee_91938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

it's a lie because it's simple math..
Games with a 1 to 2 year dev time usually use assets from previous games and that's why they usually feel the same.Just with a new coat of paint.
But who knows, maybe they spent more time within those 2 years actually working on the game then they did on previous installments.For the sake of the game I hope they spent a lot of time on it.I'm not saying anything wrong with the other NFS games but they really feel the same.

Mostafeto939d ago

This is what big companies like Ubisoft and EÀ have to do with their big franchises like Call of duty and Assassin's Creed. I don't mind at all aiting an extra year to get a new game that is complete and neatly done and polished and has new elements to add to a franchise and that is not just copy paste from the last but in a different setting. I salute Need for Soeed devs for this

Imp0ssibl3939d ago

I completely agree, but their data shows that they are doing more money this way and that's the only reason they are really interested in.

SlapHappyJesus938d ago

It's a bit of a PR spin though.

They didn't actually work on this any longer than the other titles. Much as Crimzon above pointed out.

They just didn't have another studio releasing something in the gap year.

Festano939d ago

I'd love if they could relese a new game every two years all the time...

EDKICK938d ago

What you mean the annualization of a franchise isn't good for it who knew

GreetingsfromCanada938d ago

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The story is too old to be commented.