The Witcher 3 : How To Get Ursine Armor Set And Ursine Swords, Location, Diagram And Stats

GearNuke writes: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a variety of gear and one of them is the Ursine Armor Set. This is a great armor that can be located by doing one of the optional sidequest. This guide covers its location, stats and diagrams, in addition to covering the Mastercrated Ursine Armor Set and Ursine Swords."

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BeefCurtains1100d ago

Thanks for sharing this info! I Just started and currently at level 4, leveling up either takes a really long time, or I haven't figured something out yet. Either way, I'm a ways off from using this armor.

Psychotica1100d ago

Yeah leveling seems to take forever and I take damage way to easily.

Allsystemgamer1100d ago (Edited 1100d ago )

Each contract can give 250 exp so every 4 you can level up. Add a vitality mutagen and in general upgrades add 500 vitality as a bonus

Get better armor. Focus on dodging and parry. Use rights signs etc. Always study who you fight. Creature or human etc. It's very in depth.


Ive been playing at least 4 hours a day and i just hit level 7 last night! Excellent game, now if they could just release a patch to make geralt move less like a tank...

urwifeminder1100d ago

Here's me thinking Geralt just urinates on his sword.