How Open Should MMO Subreddits Be?

Over the last few years, Reddit has become a popular destination for mmo gamers. The site boasted an almost Wild West feel as gamers were free to express their opinions on the online games they love (or hate). Developers used the platform to interact with their player base, especially through the AMA (ask me anything) threads that are used to ratchet up the hype as well as fostering communication. However, recent events in some mmo subreddits of debate being stifled and certain topics being banned are running contrary to the wild and open atmosphere that had led to Reddit's success. What does this mean for gamers, and how open should mmo subreddits be?

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WilliamUsher1181d ago

All of Reddit is turning this way. You can't even discuss video game corruption on /r/Games or /r/gaming.

WTF kind of nonsense is that?

After the Modtalk leaks it was discovered many mods and some Admins at Reddit worked with the Game Journo Pros to censor discussion of various topics. Even more than that, there are auto-flags for words like "ethics", "corruption", "feminism", "unethical", etc.

It's also not just the MMO sub-reddits on Reddit... there is also a lot of the same thing happening with the FGC sub-reddits as well.