The 'Aces' Sony, Xbox And Nintendo Could Be Showing At E3

GGG writes about what they think could be potential show stealing "megatons" for each console maker at E3.

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DarkOcelet1006d ago

I wonder if we will see God Of War IV in there. Eyes will melt for sure when it gets revealed.

The Last Guardian announcement would be really huge. Also Quantic Dreams new game would be cool to show too.

SatanicEyeJesus1006d ago

Indeed, GOW4 for would be enought!

I am trying not to expect miracles, but, man if Last Guardian appears will be paradise!

MrSec841006d ago

Sounds like this could be the year for TLG, especially with this being the 20th anniversary of E3 and it being 10 years since SoTC, I can definitely see Sony bringing out TLG this year and releasing in October!

Recently there's been rumors it will make it's return and the sources are sounding pretty legit on GAF.

A teaser for GOW on PS4, with a full gameplay reveal at PSX seems very likely.
Along with GT7, Guerrilla's new IP, Bend's new IP and a boatload of other stuff Sony's E3 is going to be utterly awesome!!!!!

stragomccloud1006d ago

I really want to see a remasterd/reworked version of Quantic Dream's last game, "Beyond Two Wouls." I think with some additional work, it can be the masterpiece it should have been.

mrbojingles1006d ago

Anything Ico related and I'll lose my shit, for sure.

KwietStorm1006d ago

I hope you stream the conference from the bathroom then.

mrbojingles1006d ago

If Ico was confirmed for it then I'd gladly exchange that for a real, finished game! A little humiliation is worth the price!

Sora_19941006d ago

I want rime,persona 5, uncharted 4, anything else is icing(I'm easy to please lol)

mrbojingles1006d ago

A confirmed P5 western release in 2015 would blow my mind. I'd love it tho I expect 2016.

Sora_19941006d ago

They confirmed it at psx didn't they?

GameBoyColor1006d ago

Yeah thats been confirmed and even backed up by sega recently. Not for europe doe. We dont know about europe yet.

Relientk771006d ago

Ni no Kuni 2
Crash Bandicoot
Syphon Filter
Legend of Dragoon 2

ThichQuangDuck1006d ago

War of the Monsters 2
The Last Guardian

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