Um...Thanks, Sony?

Reader Mike wanted to know when Life is Strange Episode 3 was out on PS4. Sony’s answer was...helpful? Not really?

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DarkOcelet933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

LOL! Hahahahaha, i almost died laughing at this. That seriously feel like some class A trolling.

But at the same time, i couldnt help but feel that this message is aiming at something.

Either Half Life 2 Episode 3 confirmed!

Or Steam coming to PS4

Or i am just thinking too much.

CallOfDutyFan933d ago


Probably thinking too much...

DarkOcelet933d ago

Yeah, i figured that too :)

AliTheSnake1933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

Life is strange indeed.

Lord_Sloth933d ago

What I wouldn't give to have Civ V and Mount & Blade on my PS4 with my friends. I'd literally lose everything in those games.

TABSF933d ago

I don't think the pacing of Civ V would work on consoles, hence why the best RTS games really haven't hit consoles since PS1/PS2 days.

There might be hope for a future Mount & Blade game but I can't see it doing well on console.

Halo2ODST2933d ago

Civ 5 would be great on consoles, & Tabsf there are good rts games on console; halo wars, kanes wrath & red alert 3, supreme commander 2.

TABSF932d ago (Edited 932d ago )


Civ V wouldn't work and the reason why its not on Consoles is because the console Civ bombed. If it was going to work, don't you think 2K would've released it already?

Halo Wars was a really good game but nothing on Ensemble previous games like Age of Empires!

Everyone knows Kanes Wrath & Red Alert 3 weren't great games, nothing compared to the earlier titles.

I'll give you Supreme Commander.

But look at PC!
Starcraft II
Civilization series
Company of Heroes series
Warhammer series
Total War series
Anno series
Settlers series

Between them in the last 10years they've release 20 RTS games & 15 Expansions that are mostly epic games and not 1 has hit Consoles.

Doesn't that say something?!

Lord_Sloth932d ago

^That's because Civ Rev sucked. I love Civ but I hated Rev with a passion. It was so restricted and not at all because it had to be, but because there's this ignorant fallacy that console gamers won't appreciate a game the same way PC gamers will.

It says that devs refuse to do it. It doesn't say anything further than that. Civ V could run on consoles just fine. Just control the pointer with an analogue stick and done. Some systems even allow mouse support.

TABSF932d ago

Again if there was a reason to make it work on console don't you think 2K would do it?!
Console gamers always say the devs make more money on consoles.

Truth is the best RTS games in the last 10 years, many which I included never touched consoles for a reason, you couldn't work. Civ V being turn based is argueable at best but any stragry game Pad Vs M&K the later will win everytime.

Actions per minute isn't even a term on consoles, a Bronze league SCII player could beat anyone with a controller with only a single hand.

Sony and Microsoft will not allow it. Sure the PS3 had M&K support, for the OS and a few games.

20 Games and 15 Expansions, not on console, says a lot!

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nidhogg933d ago

It's not trolling.. It's.. helping. Nah i don't know how to f**kin react to this. 😂

Dario_DC933d ago

That was funny! Really funny but I'm a bit drunk ATM so it might not be that funny... I think.

KwietStorm933d ago

lol that is funny as hell. It ain't like they lied to him

ZaWarudo933d ago

Okay, thanks Sony! ..... wait...

PANDAB933d ago

lol. That is quality service right there

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