The Lighthouse is a Secret Trials of Osiris Destiny Social Area on Mercury

The Lighthouse, a secret social area reserved the top Trials of Osiris teams, offers up lucrative rewards for those that can get there.

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GigawattConduit1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Interesting...but I'm not nearly skilled enough at Crucible to maintain that streak for 9 games.

EdMcGlone1180d ago

Yeah that's going to be rough lol.

JeffGUNZ1174d ago

I made it there but I was carried. I am a PvE Destiny gamer so PvP is rough for me in this game. The two kids I played with were amazing and we did it. The space is cool, you can def. see this will be a social space in the next release as it had vendor spots with no characters there. One area has a door made of glass with glimmer all over the room. It was an awesome place to go and look around.

ITPython1180d ago

If you can get a team together that has some crucible experience, all it takes is going up against other teams who aren't very good only a few times. And with everybody and their mother playing it right now just to try it out, it's probably your best chance to score 9 wins. Gonna be a lot of randoms grouped together via LFG sites, and they are likely easy pickings if you have regular Destiny friends you play with and are familiar with their playstyle.

In 3 months that will be a different story, and it will be much harder. I usually play solo (still haven't done a single raid yet, and I've played daily since alpha), but I might just try to hit up some of my other Destiny friends and give ToO a shot.

WizzroSupreme1180d ago

I haven't gotten to Mercury yet, but it looks interesting.