Ultra Street Fighter IV hits PS4 on Tuesday, new enhancements detailed

By Gio Corsi, Director, Third Party Production, SCEA
Hey crew! Gio Corsi here, Director of Third Party Production at SCEA, and I wanted to give you all a quick “great news” update on Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 with less than a week before its digital launch on 26th May!

The big update: Ultra Street Fighter IV will support PS4 FightSticks, of course. But we’ve also included Lab Zero’s drivers so that USFIV will support licensed PS3 FightSticks as well. For more details on how this will work, please check the Capcom Unity or Lab Zero sites after the game launches on 26th May.

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weirdo1155d ago

i'm getting it, runs a bit poop on my laptop

Majin-vegeta1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I hope more Fighting game devs will implement Lab Zero's USB Drive.Here's hoping for a physical release.

bouzebbal1155d ago

i'm actually gonna get the digital, if it's not too big. i like to have games like this on my HDD. Like between two Bloodborne or Batman sessions without swapping discs. but again all depends on the size of the game.

JMaine5181155d ago

I can't wait! Nice prep for SFV!

DarXyde1155d ago

Wait a minute. So I know this game is definitely hitting PlayStation 4. Is it also coming to Xbox One at an undisclosed date or is the definitive USFIV AND Street Fighter V PlayStation exclusive?

I could've sworn I checked out somewhere that says it's coming to Xbox One as well. Haven't been following as closely as I could've, I guess. :/

Baka-akaB1155d ago

It was never announced on XB1 . And it's brought over by an external studio , courtesy of Sony . MS is probably free to do the same , however , but will have to fund another port

DarXyde1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Okay, I see. Thanks for the clarification. For some reason, I thought it was also announced for Xbox One.

I imagine Microsoft will go for it because it'll give them a Street Fighter game for the current generation.

PS, gave you a helpful bubble. :0)

Baka-akaB1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I think they'll just keep promoting Killer Instinct , and try pushing for a version of SFV instead , should the exclusivity be something they can work around

DarXyde1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I'm sure they can find a work-around. Super Street Fighter V seems likely.

Orrrrr, since Sony likely has the rights to "Street Fighter V", it might not even be possible to use it in the title for another game (such as Super 'Street Fighter V'), in which case, I wonder if they could make it "Street Fighter **5**" as opposed to "Street Fighter**V**".

The industry has gotten very deceptive, I'll say that.

Pyro2000x1155d ago

Watch the gameplay trailer it says it's exclusively for the PS4.

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BKsecret1155d ago

The reveal trailer indicated it was Exclusive to PS4/PC.

DarXyde1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )


Yes, the reveal trailer did suggest that, but that's why I asked. Because I was unsure if someone backpedaled on it being a timed exclusive release or whatever. Baka already explained it was never announced for Xbox One, which is the answer I was looking for.

Wasn't much point to commenting after I got an answer, but thanks anyway.

eferreira1155d ago

The trailer says exclusive to ps4

Magicite1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

SF4 and SF5 are not coming to X1. At least not under regular names.
As You can see, lots of lately announced Capcom games are exclusive to PC/PS.

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Movieworld1152d ago

I went to download this for ps4 this morning at 8am and it wasn't there! No mention of it at all.