What Does DLC Mean For The Future Of Core Nintendo Franchises?

How will Nintendo's embracing of DLC affect the future of Nintendo's big games?

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PigPen1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

It simply means I'm going to have a lot of fun.

Edit:I can't wait to see what DLC besides costumes will be for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

wonderfulmonkeyman1184d ago

Depends on the IP.
IMO, I don't think we will see Zelda U getting any DLC, but if I'm wrong and it does, it'll likely be storyline and side quest DLC to help expand the adventure.
If it allows the devs to add in whole new dungeons or even continents to explore, then it might be really awesome.
Other games, though, like Star Fox, I can't really see getting DLC.
Farthest I think they might go with that kind of game would be adding in some new multiplayer features through free patches...

But where the oppotunity for more DLC really shines, would be in collaboratives and exclusives.
Imagine if they helped to bring back Custom Robo, then supported it in the long term with parts packs as DLC after the games had been out for a few months...