Moody Adventure Tokyo Dark Racking Up Stretch Goals

Amanda French writes: "In just a little under two days, Tokyo Dark achieved its $40k CAD funding goal, and since then it has just been raking in the dough. So far it's over $120k CAD (or $99k USD) and June 10th, the campaign's end date, seems a long way off still. So far, the unlocked stretch goals are several new chapters, but even more exciting is the recently unlocked (as of May 21st) Japanese voice acting. Cherrymochi noted in an update that the voice acting would not be relegated just to character dialogue, but also certain ambient voices and sounds to help improve atmosphere. Next up for stretch goals was "New Game+ [Deja Vu]", which the devs promised to elaborate on in their next update should the goal be met...and it was! The same day."

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