Did you enjoy GTA IV’s story DLC?

Amid recent murmurings that Grand Theft Auto V may eventually be getting some sort of story DLC, let’s head back to GTA IV to discuss; was its DLC any good?

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Germany7855d ago

The two dlcs are great from GTA IV, few dlcs are worthy to buy and Rockstar really knows how to do it, another example it's Undead Nightmare for RDR, that's why i really want a story dlc for GTA V, but they are focusing so much on the multiplayer mode.

crazychris4124854d ago

Lost and Damned was ok but Ballard of Gay Tony was just amazing.

JasonKCK854d ago

Everything about BOGT was good. I wanted Rockstar to continue it in a full game spin off.

gamernova854d ago

Gay tony was so good!! The lost was meh.

JasonKCK854d ago

I did like the classic Road Rage style races. Brought back memories of me and my brothers.

Khajiit86854d ago

So we are brothers then.

Khajiit86854d ago

Gay Tony was definitely better but Lost was good too.

chrisx854d ago

Hell yeah, especially ballad of gay tony

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The story is too old to be commented.