The Suicide Inducing Arcade Game of The Polybius Conspiracy

Marcus Estrada writes: "In the past I used to be incredibly interested in what's known as "creepypasta" online. Basically, these are just scary stories, but ones that generally were sourced from other online users who had a penchant for writing creepy stuff. That's where I first came across word of Polybius, an arcade machine capable of inducing stress, depression, or even suicide from those who played it. Because of its connection (in my mind) to so many other interest-created urban legends, such as Slenderman, I chalked everything about it up to fiction. Not just the supposed disastrous effects of playing, but of such a machine's existence at all."

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DarkOcelet1154d ago

I read tons of article about Polybius. Its interesting to see a film is being made about it.