It's time you gave Destiny another chance - even if you don't buy House Of Wolves

Dealspwn: "Stuck for something to play this weekend? How about the copy of Destiny that you're currently using as a coaster. Go on, dust it off. Put it in the drive and reinstall it.

Destiny's second expansion, House Of Wolves, released this week. You can read our first impressions here , which praises the new additions including the fantastic Prison Of Elders mode while complaining about the story questline and other features. All-told it brings a lot to the Bungie's controversial shooter, but believe it or not, it's also worth playing Destiny again even if you don't buy the new content."

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Bennibop1155d ago

Have been playing again since house.of wolves dropped and have been hooked!

Blues Cowboy1154d ago

Yup, totally agreed. Prison Of Elders is more fun and rewarding than the raids by far!

Halo2ODST21154d ago

Only if you have a treasure key........................... .......................... & ........., which takes hours to farm.

ChronoJoe1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

You can get treasure keys in the prison of elders itself too, they can drop from bosses or from the small chests at the end.

I like that they've done it that, way, so that everyone has a chance to open the big chest, even if they don't bring a key. That said, I've only seen two keys drop in the four runs of PoE that I've done.

Oh and as for actually farming the keys from Fallen mobs, it doesn't take hours. I got 3 today in 30minutes. Usually you can get about 3 in an hour.

pompombrum1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

^^^ I grinded 25 level 28 PoEs for my JuJu bounty (they counted as strikes) and only got a single treasure key. Seeing how each one took me roughly 20-25 mins with randoms, you're better off farming the wolves patrols.

Personally, I think it's one of the worst design decisions in the expansion. You're almost forced to farm the keys, they should be given out as a reward for completing the level 32/34/35 for the first time each week and/or have Xur selling them for strange coins. Farming for additional ones sure but players shouldn't be forced to farm for them if they want treasure keys.

ChronoJoe1154d ago

I do agree with you Breeze, I think it's one of the worst design decisions with the new DLC, but I do not think it's a deal breaker either. Keys are fairly attainable, and provided you don't want to stock up masses (I know people with over 30 already) it's not too difficult to get just one for a weakly PoE run.

I think it would have been better if the PoE keys could randomly drop from Strikes and Crucible too, that way all content would kind of lead into the Prison of Elders, without having to drag your gameplay to a halt as you farmed keys in the cosmodrome.

By the way, not sure if you know, but you can get 3-4 chests at a time in the Cosmodrome. If you go to Skywatch, kill the wolves that spawn, grab the ether chest then go out of the area and back, you can then grab the same chest again. You can do it up to 4 times, making it easy to grab quite a few keys per hour.

CorndogBurglar1154d ago

@ halo2odst2

That isn't true at all.

The two smaller chests that dont require a key have a chance of dropping a key, or any other legendary stuff.

Also, the higher you go in difficulty you start getting rewarded Armor and Weapon cores to trade in for Prison of Elders gear.

So yeah, the key isnt the onky reason to play it. Hell, the key is only really needed for the first time you play Prison every week because that is the only time you are guaranteed an exotic and queen's wrath piece of gear.

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Brotard1153d ago

Treasure key drop rate is abismal. Which if we speak up will be changed, cause we know they are listening now!

pompombrum1154d ago

Just too many elements of Destiny for me need work on for me to be able to recommend it again to friends. The fact that a certain weapon can and usually does make the difference between completing and wiping on various hard activities is just poor game design imho.

ChronoJoe1154d ago

Not really true, while some weapons can help, everything is completable even with basic legendaries.

I've completed VoG and Crota on hard without Ghallahorn, or any special exotics or legendaries. You just need to play well, and find a good team.

Plus, even if weapons did restrict you from the hardest of the hard content... that's not really a viable criticism in this kind of character-building FPS. An argument could be made that you should be expected to have the best gear, to take on the hardest challenges.

Skate-AK1154d ago

Haven't played the game but well said on the last paragraph. Bubz.

pompombrum1154d ago

When one weapon is the "best" gear, that's poor design. You don't "need" it for the majority of activities but the difference it makes is night and day. For a lot of things, a less skilled player with maxed Galy is more desirable to bring along than a good player without it, how is that not bad design?

ChronoJoe1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

I disagree. No weapon is the 'best'. The Gjallarhorn is the best for a very circumscribed role. It is not the 'best' for general PVE, or PVP. It is best for raw DPS against singular targets, yet its utility has to be best selected by the player to make the most of the weapon and build.

Now, that isn't the same as being the 'best' at all. Every game has weapons that are the 'best' within particular context. For instance a bloodtinge Chikage build offers the best DPS against non-blood resistant enemies in Bloodborne, yet it's not necessarily the best in PVP as it restricts your life, and its strikes are quite slow. Another example, Maudikai does the most damage in Borderlands 1 making him the most viable for most bosses.

In Destiny, the Truth is better than the Gjallarhorn in PVP and other weapons entirely are better for mob PVE, while snipers are better for long-term DPS against non-shielded single target PVE. I think you are over emphasizing the utility of the Gjallarhorn based on it's high efficacy against Crota from the latest Raid.

KwietStorm1154d ago

I don't know who some of you have been playing with, but I've done everything there is to do in Destiny, minus house of wolves content, and I'd take a good player without the horn before a bad player with it, any day of the week. When I was still playing, my group would crush anything the game threw at us, and we never relied on any crutch. That's not to say nobody eventually got this weapon, but sitting here acting like it's something necessary or even needed, is laughable. If anything, it made the game too easy, and I would have rather had the Multitool or Red Death taking my exotic spot, since that Crota launcher ain't too bad either.

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monkpunk11154d ago

The game is dog shit, we were suckered into a steaming pile of peter dinklage shit.

KwietStorm1154d ago

That was way funnier than it should have been lol

Skate-AK1154d ago

Saw it used at Gamefly for $25 so I will probably end up getting it.

rezzah1154d ago

That is a good price for this game since it cycles a light amount of content.

FattyBoy3D1154d ago

Um nope. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me

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