Sony Files Trademark for 'The Player'

Sony Pictures Entertainment has filed a new trademark for something called "The Player."

The trademark, which was filed a few days ago on May 18, appears to be tied to both "downloadable electronic game software" as well as "entertainment services in the nature of a dramatic television series."

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DarkOcelet1156d ago

Whatever that is, i hope to God that it doesn't take a big time of E3.

We want to hear about game announcements, not something like Powers or any of that.

That said, i still hope for The Last Guardian appearance at E3. That would make my day.

AngelicIceDiamond1156d ago

I think it will depend on if Shawn Layden would want to push Tv again and hit the stage.

If he does hit the stage and talks about it, lets hope he keeps it at the minimum. E3 for all conferences is crucial. You really gotta choose what you want to focus and talk about in a short time span.

I believe Sony has some big surprises come E3.

subtenko1156d ago

The went from The Agent to The Player.

Sony - Pimpin aint easy..

sinncross1156d ago

Layden was better at PSX. What Sony really needs to do is make sure all their non-game speakers keep to their time limit.

The problem with the Powers segment was that even though it was actually only 5 minutes long, the speaker was not mean to talk for that period of time. He kept talking more than he was meant to.

So just keep the pacing better and Sony's E3 will be better than last year. I do not think there is anything wrong with non-game announcements as long as they have some connection to Playstation as a brand, but it is all about pacing, which was their problem last year.

Look forward to their conference this year. I think they will have some exciting stuff for us to see.

jb2271156d ago

Nice catch! This would have to be that wouldn't it? I wonder what the "electronic game software" portion of this would entail...maybe just a casino sim, since the series is set along the same lines? It could also possibly be a Payday type of online only type of deal but it's anybody's guess really

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1156d ago

Ah here we go with this TV shit again. So not only will they waste time with Destiny (for the 100th time), AC whatever the hell it's called, possibly COD, and Battlefront now this shit. I already was pessimistic about Sony's E3.

johndoe112111156d ago

Did you forget to take your pills or something? You just imagined an entire E3 conference in your head and came here to rant about it?

MrSec841156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

And again with this nonsense that Sony's E3 is apparently (with no logical reasoning or indication from Sony or any legit insiders) going to be 3rd party focused or be media focused.

Actually the indication for some time now has been that Sony will be announcing what many of their 1st party studios have been working on.
This stuff about 3rd party focus is basically a response to the fact that Sony has a tonne of 1st party studios, all well established that have been busy on new games for a long time.

Even shinobi602 (often correct about his leaks for 3rd party, MS and Sony) has said all of the above.

No doubt Sony will have some 3rd party games at their conference, but the attention being paid towards them isn't going to be taking up much time on the stage.
With PS4 selling a lot of 3rd party games, without much effort from Sony there's little reason for them to waste their time plugging just those games or mostly those titles.
We'll either be seeing a montage of footage or short trailers, with a bit of info from the studios/publishers about what's exclusive to PS4 from 3rd party publishers or devs.

Sony doesn't need any filler this year, judging by how long titles take to make and how many 1st party studios haven't released anything in that time Sony will have a big showing from multiple unannounced 1st party and also external studio developed PS4 exclusives.

The only people pessimistic about Sony's E3 are those that didn't care about it in the first place and concerned their favorite company's won't match up.

AliTheSnake11156d ago

Why would they not waste time showing AC and COD. Don't they sell more than whatever game you play.

Sora_19941156d ago

Get that logic nonsense out of here!!! If you're not jumping the gun and making stuff up you're doing it wrong

johndoe112111156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

You're all WRONG!!! They're developing an mmo where you play as a guy who tries to date as much women in the game world as possible before any of them find out about each other. The end game is to complete your task with at least $1,000,000 in your bank account. I heard they're planning a dlc for those who end the game with $0 while trying to accomplished the task, it's called "The idiot".

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